Goodbye Andy and Adrian

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I know :ac: divides opinion, but can we keep this positive? If you want to slag him off, I'm sure there are plenty of other places to do that.


  • alderz said:

    Just watched the Adrian and Carroll goodbye videos and it's made me feel a bit emotional tbh

    me too. :weep:
  • So sorry that he couldn't stay injury free. It's easy to point out the money he made, but pretty much any player who has got to that level does it because they love the game. To be denied taking part in it for so much of his career must have been hugely frustrating for the big man.

    Would love for him to have a final couple of years injury free somewhere.
  • I remember how excited I was when we signed him, and I remember everyone singing that wanted him to stay. He scored some belters too
  • It's the hope, Laura .....


    I'd love it if he had a couple of good years somewhere. It's obvious he just loves playing football and, in these cynical times, I think it's worth celebrating that.

  • Sad that Adrian has gone, he never really let us down and the pen in the fa cup is one of my fav memories of the last 10 years...

    AC the quality and commitment were there but just no enough games..
  • One thing he always gave was 100%, I wish he had more luck with injuries as I’m sure he does I for one will certainly miss him
  • Cuz1 said:

    One thing he always gave was 100%, I wish he had more luck with injuries as I’m sure he does I for one will certainly miss him

    I was ac fan He was big English player and thought “ we will be lucky to keep hold of him
  • Has :adrian: will be a big loss
  • We'll have to retire their smileys.
  • The very best of luck to them both in the future. In their time with us, big players, and big personalities. Loved them both.
  • I remember Grey’s post very well when AC signed - the thread included the words “he’s ours”. And I remember exactly where I was when I read it - the Olympic Park

    Honestly I can’t remember being more thrilled about a signing than when we signed him

    In his pomp he was unplayable - even today the very best like Van Dijk would not have been able to cope.

    A very sad way for it to end
  • Can someone tell me where I can find those farewell videos.
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    You can find them on West Ham's website.
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    It is sad how Andy's career went as, like Baracks, I can't remember being so excited about a signing since I have been a West Ham fan. I was so happy when the article came up stating his signing on the website & I was at that final home game vs Reading when we are pretty much made our feelings known about him carrying on with us. I remember his debut vs Fulham when we won 3-0 & he made such a impact & it looked like we had already gone to another level. His impact in the Bilic season was probably his best. I will alway remember every player who played that season in our farewell.

    He did bring us some memorable goals (Swansea, Palace etc) & nobody can ever doubt he gave everything when he played. This season was probably his worst, because he was still plagued with his usual injuries but, unlike other seasons, he didn't make an impact in the few games he did play. Usually, even if he only played 10 games, he made a positive contribution to our season in those matches.

    As Baracks said, I fully fit, in form Andy would be unplayable for even the likes of Kompany & VVD.

    Hope he finds another club. Possibly in the Championship. He will need to take a pay-cut if he wants to stay at the top level because he just will not stay fit all season. Maybe a Burnley or a Palace or even his old club could offer him a two-year deal with incentive payments & a lower basic salary.

    Good luck, Andy. You may not have played as many games as others, but 7 years is still a long time.
  • Basically agree with previous comments, AC - hopefully there is a pay as you play or an incentivised deal with a low base salary deal out there for him as on that basis, I would think he is worth a punt, as for Adrian, I am sorry to see him leave, i totally understand why but he never let us down and he comes across as one of life’s characters.

  • Up until it happened I was ready for him to go, but now I’m sad
  • In a way I hope he doesn’t get a new PL place as his record against Fab is one of the best.

  • Class act
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  • I feel a great sense of loss now that they have gone.
    I loved watching Andy play and was always given a lift to see him getting warmed up ready to enter the fray on our behalf and fix things. On the pitch he gave everything, wonderful player and all that I really want but more than that he was one of our best strikers for some time now. Not a great deal of competition there though.
    Adrian was a great stopper and what a penalty taker! That was one of my favourite nights at the Boleyn, certainly in the last few decades. He also knew about how to interact with his supporters while in goal, for me a legend. I enjoyed his antics...well up to a point and at least once they had played out and all was still OK but he did like to wind us all up. I'll miss him, we need a few characters in this game of ours.
  • There's only one piece of music for that

  • It didnt really matter for me whatever Adrians perceived level as a FGK. He's always been very likeable and the sort of character any squad needs. I've nothing against Andy Carroll (more a feeling of unfulfilled stuff where hes concerned) but feel Adrian is a loss plus one of the enduring favourites of our modern times. Sometimes its hard to define why we like certain players but in his case its pretty clear his charisma is a big factor. I hope he finds another club where hes happy and appreciated
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