The Nations League

Declan Rice has made the England squad for the Nations League this summer :clap:


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    27 players named, which will then presumably be reduced to 23.
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    "Gareth Southgate on his call-up of Southampton's Nathan Redmond.

    "He's finished the season strongly and he looked good.

    "it's really good opportunity for him, with a couple of other players out."

    Is there an argument to say Antonio deserved a call up on this logic :hmm:
  • Tripper in over coady...
  • OCS ;ok

    I would say that there is, but Southgate clearly balances playing styles with form. Redmond is a far more technical player than Antonio, and probably fits the England team's style more as a result.
  • I don't see Antonio being anywhere near the England set up.
  • It's coming home
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    Lols at Trippier
  • Antonio could make Southgate look inspired or an absolute fool. If you get one of his games in which he out muscles everyone and uses his speed you are going to look like you unearthed a gem, but get one of his in which he fluffs every last ball and skies any ball that comes to him near goal and you will look a fool, most players that get to England level are more consistent.

    As for Rice...………..

    Could give him massive experience and self belief and move him yet another forward step in such a short time.

    Could answer one remaining question for any Champions league club wondering whether he is worth the massive bid that would secure him, in that can he do it against the best as he would be required to in a Champions league campaign. At present I feel they would all want him but only for a price we would never accept such as 50m but it could persuade one to go to the 70-80m that the club may not turn down.

    Could he also return jaded as such a young athlete playing so intensely as he has done must surely need a good off season to recuperate.
  • Return jaded? It's 2 games C&B.
  • And he's a kid.

    They never get jaded. :wahoo:
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    He actually got angry at Watford. First time I've seen that.
  • But his wind down cant start yet, he has to maintain his fitness a month longer than others in the squad, meet up with England and train, and should we reach the final his opportunity to switch of and recuperate will have started a month later than most of our squad.

    It's not a massive thing but from a purely selfish point of view I would quite like him to head off to the beach this week and wind down.
  • c&b

    I know what you mean, but on the other hand, it is important for our chances of keeping him that he sees he is able to be picked for England while playing for us.
  • That is a good point Grey. If we can now qualify for the Champions League next season he will have no reason to leave. Unless he suddenly reveals a boyhood dream of playing for Barcalona!!!
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    It shows how far we have come, I normally start the season hoping not to qualify for the championship league ;)
  • All games on Sky....

    great a pay wall for England fans to enjoy watching their home team.
  • Yeah, bit surprised by that, given that ITV have carried most England games for a good while now.
  • Sky comms team insisting on pronouncing Portugal's Fernandes and 'Fernadesh'.

    Anyone here speak Portuguese? Is that right? Or is Martin Tyler just being pretentious :hmm:
  • Is Declan likely to be starting tomorrow?
  • OCS

    Could be right - Portuguese is a lot more 'slushy' than Spanish.

    Of course, that doesn't mean Tyler isn't being pretentious...
  • Is Declan likely to be starting tomorrow?

    I think Dier will play instead. Completely the wrong decision imo as I don't even think he should be in the squad.
  • Some reports that Southgate is resting the players that played (loosely speaking) in the CL final, so Rice is in line to start.
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    Don't think we will see any of them probably all on the bench.


    Walker Stones Maguire Chillwell


    Lingaard Barkley

    Sancho Rashford Sterling
  • Nearly.

    Lingard benched, Delph starts.

    Not sure about the BBC graphic, which shows Rice on the right of a midfield 3.
  • Absolute rubbish that half. As bad as last Wednesday and Saturday.
  • I think it’s been a decent quality game given the delay between the time most of these last played.
  • not overly impressed, England flatter to deceive
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