The Lanzini Conundrum

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  • Luke, when u say u think Lanzini has had an easy ride for a while, do u mean b4 this season, because it would be totally unfair to judge him this season alone, considering where he has come back from ( injury wise )...
  • Lanzini is basically been doing his pre season at the end of the season. How good were the rest of our players in our first few games. I agree he hasn't been at his best but I think people are being harsh on him. He's still managed to get an assist and score a goal since his return.
  • Luke, when u say u think Lanzini has had an easy ride for a while, do u mean b4 this season, because it would be totally unfair to judge him this season alone, considering where he has come back from ( injury wise )...

    No not including this season.

    I think people like Cresswell often get slaughtered for not pushing on since the Payet season, but Lanzini for me is in the same boat. I am not including this season.

    Hopefully next season he will push on, sign a new contract & get some form going, but I have just been generally underwhelmed by him for the last two years.

    Might just be me, though. :ok:
  • Lanzini was great in his supporting role for Payet and looked really good then (one of many who looked good when Payet pulled the strings). When it comes to then taking over that mantle though, Lanzini has fallen short (injury or no injury)
  • I thought Lanzini looked good last season, personally
  • Lanzini can be very inconsistent, but the link-up play between him and Arnie under Moyes was starting to look very good.

    His injury obviously scuppered that partnership developing, but hopefully next season he'll be back to form.
  • 20 goals in just under 100 games. Is that really good enough for a number 10? Maybe it is?
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    Gylfi Sigurdsson has 44 in 171 for Swansea and Everton, which fairly comparable.

    I'd be more interested in Lanzini's assists/chances created stats (alderz?) because that should be a No10's real strength, IMO.
  • At the risk of incurring the wrath of many, if we received a decent offer for him over the summer, I’d be tempted to cash in on the assumption we could reasonably replace. We got 52 points essentially without him.
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    14 goals and 10 assists since signing permanently.

    So 13 goals and 9 assists excluding this season.

    So 6.5 goals average per season and 4.5 assists.

    Is that productive enough?

    Just compare that to Anderson this season (9G, 4A), Antonio's record (6G, 6A), Arnie's record (10G, 4A) etc. Even Noble (5G, 5A), Snodgrass (2G, 5A).

    Just think he gets it a bit easy to be fair.
  • Ham's going to go full Michael Douglas in Falling Down if we're not careful...
  • Michael Douglas with a menacing clown face in the offing.
  • Preston

    As if...

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    We got him for something like 7M. He's had a long time out and I'd think it pretty simple to wait and see what hes like after pre season to more accurately judge if he's recovered physically and mentally from the long lay off. He was in the Argie squad when he got injured. its not like they're lacking talent in the midfield/number 10 area. He's obviously technically gifted and that bit of class will always be there. Its not as if hes reached full potential at his age either.

    However, if we received a decent offer for him I'd probably take it (on the premise of potential profit allied to virtually all footballers have little loyalty to us fans/a club).

    But I'd like to see Andersen, Lanzini, Yarmolenko, Arnautovic and Nasri in our squad for a time to see if we could actually skillfully cruise into the higher echelons of the league and qualify for Europe (and get our Astra revenge :lol:
  • Defo keep him. Can't imagine his wages are sky high and he is a gifted number 10 on his day. Worth keeping as a midfield impact sub if nothing else.
  • I like Lanzini and we should keep him.

    Althoughh his stats aren't great, and he does lose the ball at times, he can also turn a game quickly and is exciting to watch.

    From what I have seen, he has rarely been played as a number 10 which is probably why his goals and assists are decent but not great.
  • Needs a proper pre season. Will judge him first half of next season.
  • I feel (as in I have not bothered to get evidence) that he's been sidelined since his return. Played wide (with Anderson and Masuaku) rather than centrally (where Wilshere is always preferred.) As a result, his link-ups with Arnie (his USP for us) have been restricted. I hope he gets a central role next season, because he can make and score goals against any defence.
  • If, the understanding with Andersen and Masuaku out wide could develop, then it would be great to watch and provide a rich source of opportunities to cut in and shoot or provide crosses to a quality CF. I really enjoyed watching his intricate passing triangles with Cresser and P*y*t.
  • I think it’s a stretch to say Wilshere is “always preferred” when he didn’t start any games after coming back from injury...

    Also, I’m not sure if he’s played wide really at all? Haven’t Antonio and Anderson consistently been our wide players?
  • According to Transfermarkt he started as the central attacking midfielder in all but two games - defeats against Everton and Man Utd - when he played on the left. Against Everton we were without Anderson, and against United we played a 4-4-2 with Anderson wide right.

    Screenshot below is from Obviously his chances created (Key Passes) per game is down this season, but I don't see that as an issue really, because he's been feeling his way back.

    For me, the biggest difference is the dribbles per game (Drb column) and fouls drawn (Fouled). In past seasons an awful lot of his game has actually been about running at defenders at pace, rather than being the defence splitting passer. I am concerned that he will struggle to regain that, but that's why next season is so important for him.

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