Watford v Hammers 🛠 Season Finale - how does it end???

Ok so this is it folks.

Final game. Game 38. Penultimate game of next season. The finish. Finale. End of the road.

Avoid defeat & we finish with the half century. A victory will see us 10th. 9th is possible with a win & a Leicester defeat.

Defeat, however, coupled with a loss for Bournemouth sees Ham’s worst fears come to fruition. Nobody wants that. Although I am sure one or two will claim clown karma.

Watford seem to have hit the buffer. All eyes on the cup final. So no reason to not go all out for the 3 points.

Predictions & tactical insight to follow...

Do we go for the win, full strength?
Do we give fringe players a chance to impress ahead of the close season?
Do Anderson & Rice come back in?

2-1 Irons


  • Q1 Yes, Q2 No, Q3 Yes COYI
  • Smash them.

    Message ends.
  • Let's "Leave a bit on them" to quote that doyen of the beautiful game. :biggrin:
  • Full strength squad, go for an all out shelaking.

    Bring Adrian on with 15 minutes to go so the fans can give him a proper thank you, good bye and good luck (there should always be a little room in football for sentiment).
  • MrsGrey said:

    Smash them Deeney.

    Message ends.

    Fixed it for you :ok:
  • Worst we can get is 12th place which is worth £17.3m.
    Best we can get is 9th place which is worth £23.1m.
    So, this one game could be worth almost £6m. We need to go for it with our best available team.
  • Clown karma :nonono: :clownhorn:
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    With £6m (or one and a half Balbuena's, if you like. Or 86% of a Fabianski :hmm: ) at stake, we have to go all out for the win. I wouldn't mind having Holland on the bench to give him a run out if we're 3-0 up with ten to go, but other than that, full strength.

    Fredericks Balbuena Diop Arthur
    Noble Rice Snodgrass
    Antonio Arnie Anderson

    Adrian, Zaba, Oggy, Lanzini, Wilshere, Holland, Perez
  • Wilshere? Are we keeping him or is he being sent away in the same ambulance as Carroll?
  • Suzanne

    From what I can see in interviews, Pelle thinks very highly of Wilshere, so I would think he is staying for sure.
  • Oh ok. Thanks.
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    Suze, IF Wilshere can stay fit/injury-free, he is a class player.

    Yeah, I know, that's why I used capital letters. :biggrin:
  • Merson says we are going to win 3-1
  • If be surprised if they rested players for the final, it's a week away

    Think they will want to impress in their last home game, so I think it'll be a tough game
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    < Looks to see if Ham's been on >

  • < Looks to see if Ham's been on >


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  • Pellegrini says everyone is fit apart from Reid, Carroll and Yarmalenko

    From Watford's website the only players not available are Prödl and Quina who are only fringe players.

    Watford play through the middle so we should definitely go with OCS's starting XI except I reckon we'll see Nasri on the bench instead of Holland (last game and all that).
  • If Nasri is gone after tomorrow why have him on the bench at all :puzzled:
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    Pellegrini said
    Samir Nasri is fit, he doesn't have any problems and is part of the squad
    Usually when Pellegrini mentions a particular player they are going to make an appearance at some point.
  • Aslef :ok: just dont see the point unless there going to offer him some sort of contract ....perhaps they are :hmm:
  • If he scores the winner then its all good he can leave afterwards
  • Why don't people want Nasri, he's a class player, or is it because of his wages?
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    Think its because we have/had enough sick notes, or am I being harsh :hmm:
  • He's looked very good when we've seen him but we haven't seen him anywhere near enough because of injuries.

    I'd rather him than Wilshere though. I think he's a lot better.
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