The Moorowasmagic league minute game: A Watford 12:05:19 15:00

The last game of the 2018/19 season. Thank you all for your participation.

:star: recipients are

Cuz1 2x :star:
whupathman 2x :star:
swhts 1x :star:
IronHerb 2x :star:
Wombat 1x :star:
Brother_Sledge 1x :star:
ammerinaberdeen 1x :star:
Fortuneseeker 2x :star:
Image 1x :star:
Ace of Clubs 1x :star:
DJ Hammer 1x :star:
Diamantis 1 x :star:
Suzanne 1 x :star:

One last push for glory..... or IronHerb keeps his crown.

Good luck and may your god (if you have one) go with you :luck:


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