Spurs v West Ham 27/04/19 - Match Thread

Can’t believe we don’t have a thread for this.

Massive game tomorrow. Could easily make our season that bit better with a win at Spurs, being the first side to do it at the new ground.

I would go:

Zabaleta - Balbuena - Diop - Masuaku
Noble - Rice - Snodgrass
Antonio - Lucas - Anderson

Adrian, Ogbonna, Cresswell, Obiang, Lanzini, Arnautovic, Hernandez

I think if we turn up we have a big chance in this one. They will be thinking about the Ajax game in midweek.



  • Fab
    Frederick's Diop Balbuena Masuaku
    Noble Rice Snodgrass
    Antonio Arnie Anderson
  • John Donne (he of "no man is an island") also said "Comparisons are odious".
    In the following example I have to disagree.
    Compare this with our forum
    Caution: extremely foul language :nonono:

    Our site simply oozes class and taste, like Watney's Red Barrel to Fuller's ESB or Budweiser (US version) to Adnam's Broadside. :scarf:
  • :hmm: They do seem to repeat themselves a lot .its like they dont read the one above theres ,we need to smash them
  • I think they seem to make the same point as each other on that forum, like they can’t be bothered to read their fellow users posts. We do need to destroy them tomorrow.
  • And their literacy levels are rock bottom as well :lol:
  • Proud to be part of this forum.

  • Can’t believe I got a ticket for the game in the ballot. I’ll try not to break anything in their shiny new stadium!
  • Wonder what decision will go against us today.
  • Probably be docked a point for wearing muddy boots in the changing room. Well we used to loose House Points at school for doing that. :biggrin:
  • First away team to score there, first away team to win there. Simples.
  • Which would pretty much secure Pellegrini Legend status instantly.
  • Our away form is so dire that most sensible people would see this as a home banker.

    But if we were chocolate, we’d be a pack of revels. Although that is annoying, it wouldn’t be West Ham if it wasn’t.

    Play like we did at United, we have a chance. Spurs will be thinking about Ajax. It is impossible for them not to be. Everybody knows that game is far more important than today, despite what Poch says.
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    Revels? :nonono:

    Quality Street, surely?
  • We were the first team to beat Arsenal at the Emirates so we've got form.

    That was in April too.
  • lol, they have some high quality fans there. I always find it funny how it's "our cup final" and yet, they are the ones who are getting really really uptight about the need for them to "smash us" etc etc.
  • Arnie could repair everything in one 90 minute spell.
  • Moojor :ok:

    They are incapable of grasping the contradiction of being publicly vitriolic about us, whilst insisting they don't care about us.

    But then, many of them are bears with very small brains.
  • Sounds odd but I totally forgot about this game. Checked out to see if we had a game today: Bonus. Spurs. Away. Early kick off. If we win today it would make up 110% for what has become another disappointing season. The football has been better (I think), but we still can`t string a run of results together, we still end up on the wrong end of most decisions, and Arnie`s strops make Trump look like a responsible adult. One win today will make our season (for me). Please West Ham, for the love of God, beat these twits. :goal: :scarf: :pray: :champagne:
  • Lawro says 2-1 to Spurs, I'm feeling good.
  • Ex says two change to the side which, for him, make sense.

    So who would that be considering we played quite well last week? Perez in? Fredericks? Lanzini back?
  • Fabianski, Frederiks, Diop, Balbuena, Masuaku, Noble, Snodgrass, Rice, Antonio, Anderson and Arnautovic
  • So twitterz says
  • Diop & Fredericks in for Zab & Ogbonna is the noise on Twitter.
  • Lol no carpet. Pathetic ground
  • It s not that special, bit like the Emirates but with no beer :angry:
  • Ironherb Spurs ground sells loads of beer in bottom filling glasses.
  • Ginge in the Sky Sports studio.

    Miss Ginge.
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