Other games this weekend/midweek (April 2019)



  • alderz said:

    I see alderz liked that post, but I suspect deep down there's a little bit of stat envy...

    I actually used ‘excellent’. Which could mean:

    1. This is an excellent use of stats, or
    2. Oh, excellent, this guy trying to steal my rep

    Depending on how you read it
    Unquestionably No2.
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    Saints or Liverpool,Dont think Saints will go down : .kind of want a draw but would take a saints win to see Klopps face :lol:
  • Would love saints to win....especially the luck Liverpool have had the last couple weeks

    Although I'd like to even more if Liverpool win every single remaining game but so do City, so city win it

    I think City will drop points, so I'm hoping the saints can at least get something
  • Liverpool score yet another goal from a move started from an offside position.

    They've had some luck this season :angry:
  • And this is why I want them to lose

    They are so jammy
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    Liv Ver Pool!! Liv Ver Pool!! "Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Not jammily scoring from the wing!"

    No stats on hand but are you telling me Man City havent had any luck? Off sides leading to goals? Ref decisions going their way?

    Just remembered that first Raheem Sterling goal (when he got a hat trick recently vs Watford. No messing about by the officials there of course) :lol:
  • Shock Palace have scored another pen
  • We're going to finish below Palace, aren't we :weep:

    Leicester's new manager bounce continues. Up to 7th and looking a good team again.

    Bournemouth going full West Ham and getting turned over by Burnley, which means we may have a chance of finishing above them, at least.
  • Baz, Sterling’s goal might have been offside but Pep had the class to apologise afterwards. Klopp would have been complaining about decisions that hadn’t gone their way like he did at the London Stadium.
  • Fortune

    You had me at

    Klopp would have been complaining
  • Pep will be complaining about something when Liverpool win the title....

    #The Lord will have Mersey
  • How good is Conor Coady?
  • Deulofeu. Goal of the season?
  • Dendoncker gives away a penalty

    West Ham reject, West Ham reject, hallo, hallo.
  • So poor from the Wolves manager. Jota was running the show.
  • Best shot of the day. A Wolves lady fan in an old gold hijab. Football is the game that is beyond race, religion and anything else.
  • Dear Man City,

    Please don't let Troy Deeney become an FA Cup winner.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Everyone outside of Watford. Ever.
  • I think City would rather play against Watford than Wolves.
  • Anyone else noticing a growing trend for interviewers to talk to foreign-born players and managers as if they are a few sandwiches short of a picnic?
  • KDBs pass for Sterling's goal just now :clap: Absolutely phenomenal
  • West Ham ladies have just beat Reading on pens in the FA cup semi final :wahoo:

    The pens were harrowing to watch.

    :scarf: :scarf: :scarf:
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    Excellent achievement. Rode our luck a bit but a big fat very well done :clap:
  • Anfield singing you'll never walk alone is still something incredible.
  • I do not agree.

    Don’t know why, unlike other club anthems, it needs to be shown on TV like that.

    The fawning over Liverpool is nauseating.
  • Having said that.

    The impeccably observed minutes silence for the 30 Anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster was very impressive.
  • In order for Liverpool not to win the title Chelsea need to win this.

    It’s an uncomfortable position :puzzled:
  • I do not agree.

    Don’t know why, unlike other club anthems, it needs to be shown on TV like that.

    The fawning over Liverpool is nauseating.

    Was thinking just that. We certainly never get Bubbles covered in such a way.
  • Salah diving again.

    No card, again.
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