West Ham vs Huddersfield. Sat 16th Mar 3.00

So we welcome Huddersfield to the London stadium. Where we are one of the few teams to have contributed to Huddersfield Point tally this season with a draw earlier in the season.

Line ups?


  • If anything it has to be a must win. Losing to two relegation fodder teams would be disastrous going into the closing stages of the season.
  • Almost everything points to a home win.

    Which I suspect is why a lot of West Ham fans are nervous.

    I think we'll have enough for a comfortable win. I expect Arnie and Antonio to come on for Hernandez and Snodgrass. Maybe Nasri for Lanzini, too.

    I think this could be our biggest win of the season. I'm going 4-0.
  • Going to make the most of this game...

    Arrive early for a few drinks and maybe a visit to the shop.

    4 home games left.

    Home win.
  • Will we give em one goal head start?
    Or 2 and not bothering to get struck in,,,
    I would like the team to make a example 4 nil please
  • Didn't realise it was a relegation 6 pointer. ;hmm
  • A hint that Arnie will start?

    He was going to start against Manchester City but he felt bad that day. There’s a lot of reasons why he was starting on the bench, but I think he is ready to return in his position.”
  • ----------------- Fabianski ----------------
    --- Fredricks - Rocky - Ogbonna - Cress ---
    -------------- Snod ---- Rice --------------
    Antonio -------- Nasri -------- Anderson
    ------------------- Arnie ------------------

    If not having much luck, I'd like to see Anderson in a central role. If we do this, we'd probably need to sub Nasri, move Anderson to the middle and bring on Diangana or Masuaku as a LW.
  • I actually wouldn’t mind giving Anderson a rest (I’ve thought this for a few games). He hasn’t been as good lately. He’s started every PL game this season.

    Maybe Antonio, Lanzini, Nasri behind Arnie?
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    Fredericks - Diop - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Noble - Rice
    Antonio - Arnautovic - Lanzini
  • Fab; Fredericks Diop Ogbonna Cresswell; Rice Noble; Antonio Nasri Lanzini; Arnie
  • Fabianski
    Fredericks - Diop - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Rice - Snodgrass
    Nasri - Lanzini - Anderson
  • Fabianski
    Fredericks - Diop - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Noble - Rice
    Antonio - Lanzini - Anderson
  • Got to really go for this one so sadly I'd drop Lanzini as he lost possession so often last match. Arnie has played well just behind the striker before.

    Fredericks - Diop - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Antonio - Noble - Rice - Anderson
  • Lanzini misplaced 4 passes out of 46. Bit harsh.
    Antonio, off the bench, had 9 misplaced passes out of 19. ;hmm
  • Lawro says 2-0.

  • Lawro is an idiot ..........................everyone knows we cant keep a clean sheet ;biggrin
  • See Nobes has said we’re determined to keep our unbeaten at home this year record going. We all know where that’s going to lead.
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    If I was a betting man
  • I'd like to see Snodgrass rather than Antonio on the right because I don't want Anderson taking corners.
  • Smash them.
    Easy Peasy lemon squeezy.
    Any less than 3-0 I want a horses head in bed with pelle on Sunday morning.
  • I want a horses head in bed with pelle on Sunday morning.


  • Match Day ;wahoo
  • A nice early goal please control the game and score a few more . Would like to see Anderson and Arnautovic score get the confidence following for the last few games
  • It certainly will be.... for Huddersfield ;wahoo
  • Hamstew said:



    #fixed it for ya
  • Ex says 3 changes
    - we will turn up
    - we will score more than them
    - we will have no excuses
  • Ok if its 3 changes I'll go for Zab for Fredericks, Antonio for Snodgrass & Arnie for Chicharito.
  • Anderson might get a rest? ;hmm
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