WEST HAM away to Cardiff. Saturday 3pm KO (UK time)

Lawro thinks we have sorted out our 'leeky' defence and will win 2-0.

Unnerving as it is to find myself in agreement, I have that scoreline in the predictor competition.

3 lovely away points, and first last on MOTD.


coyi coyi coyi


  • With Para bailar La Bamba , better known as Sol, out of the game; we should find it easier to score and it'll be one less lump of a defender to stop scoring as well...

    I sort of wouldnt mind us losing if it meant it helped Cardiff to send Southampton down but I dont think thats going to happen (us losing or Southampon being relegated).

    In any case, its about time Arnie started the game and scored/assisted multiple times as I'm losing patience with him in my fantasy team ;hmm
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    You know that if you really wanted Arnie to do well, you'd transfer him out.

  • We might come a cropper, as Cardiff do occasionally find a result, and we do have a lacklustre performance in us, but this is one of the few games this season where I would 'expect' us to get a win, bearing in mind the initial caveat.
  • Lawro and Merse thinks we will win that spells one thing loss
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    Interesting the emphasis Pellers puts on the attitude & the way we start the game in his pre-match press conference. Almost like it is something he has repeatedly stressed to the players over the course of the season, yet it hasn’t sunk in & gotten through to them.

    We approach this game right I would say we win it 9 times out of 10. But several times we have turned up sluggish & been caught cold.
  • 9 games to chase down 7th.
  • I am fully aware of that feeling building inside me where I am certain that we should win this, however, I am also fully aware how quickly that feeling dissipates.

  • Absolutely should be looking at six points from the next two games. We controlled the game against Fulham without pushing ourselves too hard.

    If the players treat this game with the respect it deserves and not assume that Cardiff will just roll over (which is obviously Pellegrini's point) then I think we'll win by a couple. Turn up with any sense of entitlement and every chance we'll lose.

    But I'll be positive for once. 1-3.
  • Bazshuayi said:

    In any case, its about time Arnie started the game and scored/assisted multiple times as I'm losing patience with him in my fantasy team ;hmm

    Yesterday the boss said...
    I am pleased with Javier. He is in a good moment and is making good movements in the attacking areas. Every striker wants to score more goals but he is contributing well.

    We also have Marko coming back, so I think we have options not only in the starting XI but on the bench as well.
    That sounds like Hernandez to start with Arnie on the bench.

    A nice big win to help Colin on his way back to the Championship and to move us closer to a reunion with Astra Giurgiu in August.
  • Given Manu is back, not really sure how the MF is going to shape up

    Do you drop Snodgrass back into his position, bringing in Antonio. Or does he stay right and Antonio misses out. Or does he just drop Snodgrass

    Fredericks Diop Ogbonna Cresswell
    Noble Rice
    Antonio Lanzini Anderson

    Think Hernandez has done ok and works hard, but we still miss Arnie up front as our focal point

    Sub: Adrian, Zab, Babuena, Obiang, Snodgrass, Nasri, Chicarito
  • When Arnie came on you could see the difference. He'll start, score, assist and I'll say thank you ;biggrin
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    Fredericks - Diop - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Noble - Rice
    Snodgrass - Nasri - Anderson

    Need to be careful with Lanzini. I expect him & Hernandez to play but this is going to be a very physical game.

    Warnock will be telling them that if they get into us they will have a chance & can test whether ‘mid-table’ West Ham are up for a battle. I feel that Lanzini has already played a lot more minutes than I expected him to after returning from injury.

    Hernandez will start this, but I am not sure how much joy he will get as a lone striker out of their back two.

  • Just want to see Arnie start now. Pretty sure he’s learned his lesson. Continuing to start with Hernandez is weakening the team to make a point that’s already been made.
  • Is that the same XI?

    I'm content with that, I'd stop prefer Arnie up top though....And I feel bad for Antonio who has been one of our best players over the last few months
  • Plenty of options on the bench to change the game
  • That's the big difference, for me, now. A few months ago, the bench was just offering warm bodies to fill a gap if a player had to be subbed. Now we have options to change things up. It makes me optimistic ;wahoo
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    No Carroll or Perez I reckon both of them are gone in the summer.

    No Zabaleta, injured?
  • Wont need the bench 3-0 to super hammers ;scarf
  • Why bother starting Arnie if he has no long term future with us? It’s not a point Pelle is making, it’s planning for next season. ;ok
  • I don’t know why you’re so sure Arnie will leave in the summer.

    He won’t be going to China and after his antics in January and his age, I’m not sure anybody is going to spend £35-40M on him.
  • Pretty sure Hernandez won't be here next season either, so Arnautovic should be starting, IMO. We have to do what's best for us now given 7th is still possible, and for me that means playing Arnie.
  • I would be gobsmacked if he is here beyond June. I would expect there to be a deal in place for him to go somewhere. Let’s be honest, the China interest was purely a pay rise antic which he got. I reckon he’ll be playing in somewhere in Europe next season, possibly Italy.
  • Feel sorry for Antonio
  • Was coming into real form. I like Snodderz, don't get me wrong, but Antonio is more of an attacking threat.

    That said, Snodderz' set pieces have been a good source of goals lately, so maybe that's why he's been getting the nod.
  • After Pellegrini's comments mid week it was obvious that Hernandez would start.

    I expect Arnie and Hernandez both to be here next season.

    With Carroll going on a free and Perez not good enough I doubt Pellegrini will want to start the season trying to settle two or three brand new strikers into the side. What if they all turn out to be Perezs?
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    Brilliant start. Why do we start games in a stupor.
  • Irons ;doh
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