Snodgrass charged with abusing anti-doping officials

Title says it all, Snodders been charged with abusing anti-doping officials

Hope there's not more to this story.


  • Has the Twitter melt-down begun?
  • Snodgrass was not scheduled to be tested, nor did he refuse to take a test
    You can take the boy out of the Gallowgate but...
  • He's a stroppy lad, alright. But he took the test, didn't he? Move on there, nothing to see.
  • It doesn't say if he was tested or not.
  • OK, he didn't refuse to take a test (which I implied means he did take a test) Move on etc
  • Seeing videos of him from the club he seems to always be in a good mood and a generally cheerful chap. I'm going to put this down to a bad attempt and #bantz with the wrong person
  • Apparently he wasn't scheduled nor refused to be tested so wouldn't have taken a test.
  • If people getting banned for abusing officials half the managers in the league would be suspended
  • I can’t condone abusing officials, so in the words of Captain Mainwaring “Stupid boy” ...
  • I’m of a mind to think he did little wrong.

    Not scheduled to be tested.... what did the official say to prompt an ‘unprofessional’ response?
  • If he did do it, then he’s a real dope. It’s a part of any professional sport these days so pee in the cup and get on with your life.
  • It wasn't his turn to pee in the cup though.

    'real dope', I see what you did there. ;biggrin
  • But MIA he wasn’t scheduled to pee into a cup so I wonder why there was any interaction at all.
  • Ngl when I saw the title I thought he was done for doping...

    Not good from Snodgrass but could've been worse
  • How do we know it’s not good?

    Maybe he as no case to answer so will win on appeal.
  • Or maybe was being a Leary millionaire footballer who want to show off in front of officials doing there job, I hope I’m wrong
  • Maybe they blocked him in in the car park or took his last Rolo. ;angry
  • Cuz1 said:

    Or maybe was being a Leary millionaire footballer who want to show off in front of officials doing there job, I hope I’m wrong

    Never got that impression from him.
  • No I’m hoping not tho but have seen it first hand how cocky some can be
  • It was probably just a case of the pee in the cup being spilled on him by the official. it could happen to anyone when urine that line of business.... ;run
  • Steady!
  • Del and Rodney trying to impress some girls in a nightclub by pretending Rodney is a footballer. The girl asks "Do you prefer grass or astro turf?"
    Rodney- "I don't know, I've never smoked astro turf". ;lol
  • Been given one match ban and £30,000 fine as was proven subject to appeal
  • The BBC says "The ban is not currently active while Snodgrass considers his right of appeal." which I guess means he can play on Saturday.
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