Other games this weekend - 2nd / 3rd March & European games.

Oh dear, but at least I can wind up the gobby gooner at work when I tell him that the bigger teams always get the dodgy penalty decisions



  • The lino should be hanging his head in shame for missing that offside.

  • He should, it's given the spuds a point.
  • Luck lucky Spurs.
  • Despite what Lee Dixon said, I don't think the ref had a good game either.
  • Also, the Arsenal penalty should have been retaken, although maybe it wasn’t a penalty in the first place.

    The sooner VAR comes in the better!
  • So Pogba grabs the ball for a 93rd minute penalty denying Lukaku a chance of a hat trick, and misses ;lol
  • My FF captain. Yay*.

    (* = Not yay)
  • Pogba minus2... ;doh
  • We are weeping and hugging over on the FF thread.

    No Arnie, and Anderson not racking up points.

    We are breaking out the ;stout ;redwine ;beer to numb the pain. Join us.
  • Sorry 2 sidetrack from the FF talk!, But my word Poch is becoming a real " Moaning Minnie "....
  • Sorry 2 sidetrack from the FF talk!, But my word Poch is becoming a real " Moaning Minnie "....

    must be getting practice to fit in at Manure
  • Well he did have a point. Xhaka should have got a red for that tackle on Kane which once again the ref missed ;doh
  • IH he is constantly moaning, every team can moan about a ref decision, he just makes it a habit.
  • Oh dear, St Brendan's got off to a bad start. ;lol
  • I see Klopp going on about the wind and saying Man City had 900 chances and only scored one against Bournemouth ;lol
  • They're even victims of the weather ;lol

    This is one of the reasons a lot of people don't like Liverpool; there's always an excuse and it's never their fault.

    The wind had nothing to do with Salah's wastefulness in front of goal.
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  • The weather forecast for Liverpool's next match on Sunday is light rain with a fresh breeze with a maximum temperature of 8C.

    From this we should expect an improved Liverpool performance. ;biggrin
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    to be fair, his full comment was: "The wind was coming from all directions and did not help anybody. It was a game that was difficult to control and we had three or four really big chances with Mohamed Salah and Fabinho, I don't remember them having any chances."

    So the wind one wasn't really being given as a reason for the draw.

    The more ;nonono aspect of his remarks is the final one: match stats show both teams had 3 shots on target. ;doh

  • So far they’ve blamed snow, wind, the opposition getting too many injuries, a biased ref who only gave them one blatantly offside goal....

  • MrsGrey said:

    to be fair,

    You lost me there, I'm afraid
  • Not our league but I read earlier that Balotelli posted his goal celebration live on instagram ;doh
    Sure, you don't get any closer than that as a fan but I think getting your phone during a match should be a bookable offence.
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    This is not the goal celebration you are looking for.

  • Suze

    Not forgetting the grass was too long at the Etihad.
  • Watching the game I did think the wind should have got a red card . ;biggrin
  • I thought there was an Amber warning. ;yercoat
  • Watching the Sheffield derby. It's rubbish.
  • Cant think of much worse then Leeds and Sheff utd coming up ;weep
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