WEST HAM at home to NEWCASTLE Saturday 2 March - kick off at 5.30pm UK time

Lawro says 2-0 to Newcastle. ;lol

His rationale being 'they have four wins and a draw in their past six league matches' and Rafa has 'gone on runs like this with Newcastle before'

Well, I've just looked back over their results. He has indeed matched this set of results before. Once.

But never bettered it.

We will smash them.

coyi ;scarf coyi


  • Going to be a tough game we need to have our players on their game no sloppy Fulham starts please
  • It will be difficult, Newcastle have some momentum

    Team selection depends on injuries

    Are Cresswell or Masuaku available?
    Are Balbuena & Arnie back

    Fredericks Diop Ogbonna Zab (Johnson?)
    Noble Rice Snodgrass
    Antonio Arnie Anderson

    Think starting is probably still a bit too soon for Lanzini, especially given we can recall Snodgrass as the advanced of the 3 CMs

    I'd give Johnson another go (he might have got an injury) although it wouldn't surprise me if Pellegrini opts for Zabaleta instead. Think that if Balbuena was fit he'd go with Ogbonna at LB.

    Antonio and Anderson aren't likely to be dropped, and I think that Arnie starts over Javier if he is over his illness
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    I think Nasri will start instead of Snoddy for more creativity but I could be wrong.
  • Merse says 1-1 as he can’t see Newcastle losing this one.
  • If Lawro has predicted a win for Newcastle, then I am confident with Lawro's
    predictions that we will win. ;pray
  • Newcastle were on 3 game win streak before we smashed them last time. Same again hopefully.
  • We win this for Billy as the new stand is inaugurated
  • I would want to see both Hernandez and Arnie start this game.

    Fab in goal and Rice in MF.

    Dave can pick the rest of the team.

    Home win.

    Another stupid time for a kick off.
  • Got to be our strongest team possible.

    Fredericks Diop Ogbonna Cresswell (or Masuaku or Zab)
    Rice Noble
    Antonio Nasri (or Lanzini if fit) Anderson

    Adrian ( 2 of Zab or Masuaku or Cresswell or Johnson) Obiang Snodgrass Carroll Hernandez

    Only worry is no centre back option if one gets injured. Zab, I suppose.

    They do seem to be playing better now so going for an entertaining 2-2.
  • Does our strongest team not have Snodgrass in it?

    Pretty sure he's been one of our most consistent performers, a little less dynamic than Nasri/Lanzini but he's in good form
  • I think against stronger teams he is useful as a hard-working, hard-tackling midfielder but against Newcastle I reckon Rice and Noble or Rice and Obiang are enough. Prefer a bit more creativity which Nasri and Lanzini offer.
  • Who knows....

    We are consistently inconsistent..

    But we do have a lot of our talented players back.
  • Hope we can put on a real show today and a very strong 90 minutes. Lots of players back, squad looking good with lots of options.

    I hope we see Lanzini and Arnie start and really get at them with pace and creativity coyi
  • 6 foot 2

    Eyes of blue

    Billy Bonds is after you
  • Football facts:

    If you're West Ham, you love Billy Bonds. No exceptions

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  • What says everything about Bill is that he is so many peoples favourite player yet none would ever claim he was the best player. It says everything about the man and his commitment.
  • Lanzini and Hernandez start. Arnie on the bench.

    Delighted about Manu. Can't see why Hernandez keeps getting a start, though.
  • Lets smash them ;scarf
  • Arnie looked really sharp when he came on against Fulham. Surprised he's benched again, to be honest.

    I wonder how much is to do with form and how much is to do with what happened in January. Don't think Pellegrini was at all happy with Arnie or the boards decision to give him more money.

    Also not sure why Antonio's been dropped; he's getting back to his best and when he's on it he's a big asset.

    Not as confident as I was about ten minutes ago ;hmm
  • Is Arnie not fit...

    I mean I didn't wanna sell him for £35mil, but if they aren't gonna play him then we should've cashed in

    Looking like a Payet situation, gonna go for about £25mil in the summer
  • Arnie was ill during the week which is why he didn’t play at City. Maybe Pelle thinks he’s not ready for 90 minutes
  • Start him then and take off after 70 mins!
  • Carroll captained the team against City and not even on the bench today.
  • Carroll captained the team against City and not even on the bench today.


    The quicker he leaves the club the better
  • Not surprised after his performance
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    Carroll captained the team against City and not even on the bench today.

    My first thought too... Is he injured otherwise its strange certainly as he picked Perez who didn't go warm weather due to attitude problems....
  • @Vorselaarhammer - I don't think Carroll can play two games in three days. I don't think he has any future at WHU and EPL and Pellegrini is giving him a chance in case he can secure a pay as you play type of contract.

    Pleased about Lanzini starting as Antonio had a shoulder problem.
  • Pellegrini said these 2 games would see a lot of rotation.

    I don't think we should read too much into the choices.
  • We need to start with some intensity and not piddle about like we seem to do at the start of a lot of games especially Fulham where we could have been 3 down in the first 10 minutes.
  • Billy Bonds' Claret and Blue Army ;scarf
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