West Ham to name East Stand named after Billy

Taken from Sky sports....


#Totally deserved




  • Excellent news. ;bowdown
  • Seems like yesterday , ;clap
  • Overdue but totally justified. ;clap
  • Saving the West Stand for this guy

  • What a fitting tribute excellent news
  • Was thinking if Carroll spends the rest of his career with us then maybe the West Side could be named after him. But then again Carroll and Stand don`t really go that well together.........................
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    A top, top professional who I was lucky enough to see so many times. How many players are there who played for 21 years at the top level, eventually bowing out at the age of 41? One of the best players never to win a full international cap.

    Many parallels with Noble, it seems to me. I hope he goes on to enjoy a similar long career for us.
  • ;quaver six foot two eyes of blue,billy bonds is after you ;quaver

    My all time favourite west ham player. ;bowdown
  • This is a fitting tribute to a player who always gave 100% in every game. I can't help wondering why Geoff Hurst's contribution is not celebrated. He played 500 games, scored 242 goals and of course the hat-trick in the 1966 world cup win. I would love to see him recognised.
  • So pleased to hear this news. Always gave 100%. I thought he was unfairly treated as our manager.
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    Finally; West Ham are going to recognise my all time hero Billy Bonds by naming the East Stand of the London Stadium after him ;clap.

    It gets better!!! I have a season ticket in the East Stand or in what will be from 2nd March The Billy Bonds Stand ;wahoo

    Party time before the Newcastle home game. I can't wait!!! ;scarf

    I think I'm going to renew my season ticket in the Billy Bonds Stand ;bowdown
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    It was my dad that first took me to Upton Park when I was a kid.... it was Billy Bonds that made me want to go back...

    He is West Ham ;scarf
  • Some nice words from Garth right at the bottom https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47191863
  • Just read that McHammer it’s nice when someone outside the club echos what us hammers already know, don’t particularly like Garth Crookes but fair play to him there
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