West Ham vs Liverpool (8pm,4th February)



  • Anderson was great, as was Rice, but Snodders my MOTM, so much work put in.
  • Brother sledge now wash your mouth out lol
  • Ineptitude, or something a little more sinister? Liverpool and Klopp are the darlings of the FA and the media, so I'd rule nothing out.

    But a great performance by us by all accounts. Didn't see any of it but from what I've read we really applied ourselves. Question is though, why can't we do it every game.

    Draws against Liverpool and Chelsea. Wins over Man U and Arsenal. Defeats to Burnley, Bournemouth and Watford. Makes no sense to me.

    Still, I'll enjoy the result, and the small dent that puts in Liverpool's title charge. City only three behind with a better goal difference.

    On to Palace now, and a repeat of the effort we put in today and you'd have to fancy our chances. Just a matter of whether we can...
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    Great performance. Not sure about Anderson being motm. Antonio Fredericks Diop Rice Cresswell were all miles better than him imo. He was very wasteful. Not bad he played well just wasteful.
  • Anderson was great, as was Rice, but Snodders my MOTM, so much work put in.

    Yep. I really like Snodgrass as the third CM, compared to being on the right wing.
  • I thort diop played really well
  • Snodgrass MOTM
    Rice a close second

    But in truth everyone was brilliant

    433 is our best formation, Snodgrass is at his best as the midfield runner down the middle
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    Chris Sutton on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "I thought West Ham deserved to win this game." ;ok

    "Felipe Anderson has been good but Declan Rice has been head and shoulders above everyone else." ;clap
  • I mean, it's not even close

  • Cressers was great.

    Tbh, every player really upped their game. Good performances all over the park.
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    Klopp moaning about decisions going against Liverpool second half. ;lol ;doh
  • He's basically saying that the officials gave everything to West Ham because they got it wrong in the first half (the goal).
  • But evoking the memory of the great Points of View, why oh why oh why can't we have these performances more often? We've just outplayed the league leaders. Where was this effort and drive against Bournemouth, or Wimbledon, or Wolves?
  • Klopp suggests ref evened things up in 2nd half because of the offside goal, without mentioning that Origi wasn't flagged off at the death. For all he spends on glasses, he still has tunnel vision.
  • Linesman bang in line with the offside Origi.
  • So back to Div 2 for both linesmen on Saturday ...

    Somehow I doubt it ;angry
  • Yes he’s to close to get it right even I can see that
  • Judging by his meltdown just then, Klopp is starting to lose it. Cracks beginning to appear in the Liverpool challenge, gotta love it.
  • And I've also just noticed that incident was 23 seconds over the allotted 3 minutes.

    Is Klopp Time a thing now? ;hmm
  • The FA are desperate for Liverpool to win the title. Giving them all the help they can...
  • Nice unbiased reporting by BBC...
    There was a suspicion of offside for that goal when Adam Lallana outmanoeuvred a couple of defenders on the right before playing a pass to the overlapping James Milner.
  • A suspicion of offside. That's like saying that Harold Shipman was a little bit naughty. ;doh
  • How many blatant offsides, boss?

  • respect the point ;scarf
  • Or words to that effect
  • Why is this a debate?
  • I thought Rice was the best player on the pitch. He was absolutely outstanding.

    Anderson was great apart from a 15 minute period in the second half, where he started playing like one of the basketball players on Space Jam after the monsters had stolen their talent.

    The officials were an absolute disgrace.

    And how Klopp can have the gall to complain is just baffling.

    I thought Liverpool were very fortunate. We had a lot more chances and a few efforts (Hernandez, Cresswell and Rice in the first half, Noble in the second) were so close.
  • Apparently Liverpool has an injury crisis ? Anybody know about this? I counted four players injured?
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