West Ham vs Liverpool (8pm,4th February)



  • Cuz1 said:

    If we win 7-0 the game will almost certainly be played to a full house on fantasy island

    It was very short notice but Mr. Roarke and Tattoo assured me that it could be arranged.

  • Almost bound to lose so we might as well give it a good go with as attacking a line up as possible.
    Would like to see Snodgrass on the left for once, as he is left footed, and he tracks back better than Anderson, who could play centrally behind Arnie. This way we have 4 proper attacking players and 8 to defend (as we will no doubt have to do for most of the game). But given all this I am going for an exciting 2-2.

    Zabaleta - Diop - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Rice - Noble
    Antonio - Anderson - Snodgrass
  • Can we have a new guess the minute game ,on when Arnie will start limping around ;whistle
  • So who's looking forward to tomorrow night

  • So who's looking forward to tomorrow night


    Well hopefully the team don’t jack it in
    And hopefully we as supporters get behind the team

  • Hopefully we can repeat the form of the season immediately preceding.
  • So who's looking forward to tomorrow night


    The red side of Liverpool????????
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    Let’s not fear them too much. Clearly LFC can do a job on anyone & blow them away but if we take their form in isolation, like many are doing with ours (placing emphasis on us being rubbish for the last two weeks), they have won 2, lost 2 & drawn 1 of their last 5, with the two wins 1-0 over Brighton & 4-3 over Palace.

    It would suggest, by their seasons standards, they have maybe dropped off a couple of points since the new year. It is also natural for them to start to feel some pressure about maintaining their place at the top. We are not far from the business end now & they have a healthy lead. They may say they are keeping calm but they will be nervous.

    Clearly a side with plenty of pace & options all over the front line, but I am not going in expecting a mauling. We will need to be at our best, but I have more confidence the likes of Arnie & Anderson will be up for this than our recent games.
  • I think the only thing we will be blowing away are some Bubbles. ;whistle
  • If we are going to try to tackle Salah can it be outside the penalty area as we all know what happens when he goes into the eighteen yard box. ;whistle
  • Back to 433, be more solid in the middle of the park

    Zab Diop Ogbonna Cressy
    Snodgrass Rice Noble
    Antonio Arnie Anderson

    If we can get that XI out and they are fit enough (so Arnie & Cresswell are up to speed) we can get something
  • Champo ;ok

    That's my preferred XI dfor tonight, definitely. My concern is that I think that if we have that team out it will be more likely to see Snodgrass on the right and Antonio and Arnie up top in a 4-4-2 ;hmm
  • Salah to get sent off for diving in the 1st min , Klopp sent to the stands for arguing and they still win 3-0 ;lol I think we will know which way this game is going after 20 mins either a standard thrashing or we give them a decent game
  • So a 4-4 result seems fitting.
  • The slow build-up to convince yourself that West Ham have a chance in this game. ;lol

    Can't see anything other than a drubbing.
  • Cant see Arnie playing ,what with his bruised foot and bruised ego ;biggrin
  • Arnie has failed his fitness test according to Ex. Fabianski & Cresswell are fit.

    Couple of changes from the Wolves game, which you’d assume would be Cresswell & Hernandez.
  • Arnie not in the squad, according to Ex.

    The impossible just got more impossible.

    If that's possible ;hmm
  • Snap ;biggrin
  • 1-0 home win.

    I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life.

    Apart from all the things that were definitely going to happen. I was more certain about those.

    But otherwise, most certain I’ve ever been.
  • Late change

    Fabianski out too apparently
  • Lukerz said:

    Late change

    Fabianski out too apparently

    ;angry ;angry
  • We don't even get to pick a team anymore. It's just whose available
  • According to the OS Fabianski is playing
  • Oh THAT Fabianski
  • Lukerz said:

    Late change

    Fabianski out too apparently

    Cross that one off your ITK list!
  • It was a Liverpool reporter writing a blog at the game
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