West Ham vs Liverpool (8pm,4th February)



  • Still have no idea how he could feel hard done by in that game..

    The officials should have been wearing Liverpool shirts...
  • was hoping for a points reduction ;biggrin
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    Was hoping for a mute button for him.
  • Seems a bit excessive as he passed comment on a thing that we all know referees do, not that I think the ref did in that match. There is little doubt referees knowingly do not referee the match according to the rules and that they make allowances against the rules.

    A good example is the palace game (I think) in which their player made a tackle that in my view the vast majority of referees, players and fans would have felt merited a yellow card. It would have been a second card however and so the referee against the rules (presuming he knew it deserving of a card) decided to intervene according to his personal wish not to want to make a sending off. They should referee according to the rules, as in a grab at a corner is obstruction and a foul in the penalty area as anywhere else on the pitch, but the referee applies his own will as pressure against the rules.

    So what Kloop was saying is he felt he did this in this match. Are the FA saying referees do not do this? can we hold referees to account for blatantly not following the rules so they can uphold the integrity the FA are apparently protecting. Kloop never said the referee cheated. I think the FA are too heavy handed with their policing interviews and are setting too many precedents which will result in the most boring interviews ever witnessed or loads of fines.

    The FA must ask the referees to apply all rules at all times or accept they make judgment calls, but allow that fact to be up for comment if someone feels they did.
  • No, Klopp was saying the ref was not impartial, and he can't say that.
  • Herb


    He made it clear he felt the ref came out in the 2nd half to 'even things up'.
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    Klopp: "It is the second time I get charged for something and it isn't that much moneywise but I will learn," he says.

  • OK next time 5 game ban and £250k.
  • Deportation ;devil
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    "it isn't that much moneywise"

    Tell that to the families relying on food banks. ;angry
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  • You're right bubbles, they've just got no flipping idea have they. ;angry
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