Next 8 PL games - Hammer Time or Hammer House of Horror?

Liverpool (h)
Crystal Palace (a)
Fulham (h)
Manchester City (a)
Newcastle (h)
Cardiff (a)
Huddersfield (h)
Everton (h)

As always, this isn't about what you think we will get, or hope we will get, but how many points would leave you thinking that will do (or 'that's not enough', if you prefer.)

Ignoring our poor recent form, I'd be disappointed if we don't get 14+ from that lot. So 13 wouldn't do for me.

(Cue us getting 6 by beating Liverpool and Citeh, and blowing the rest...)


  • 12 would do, given our recent form and annual injury problems.
  • would be happy with 12 , 9 would take us to 40 then roll on summer
  • I'd be disappointed if we don't manage 13.
  • Happy with 12
  • A bare minimum of 9. That would also leave us on the magical 40 points.
  • 12 points would be ok
  • Given that I’d be absolutely gobsmacked if we get anything from Liverpool or Man City it’s really 6 games. Some of those are fighting for their PL lives so I think that 10 points would be a reasonable return but could be 2 or 3 more if they buck their ideas up.
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    6 points. Should be 18.
  • So you're happy with 6 then?
  • from the way we are currently playing yes.
  • Can't see them getting more than 12.
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    But would that make you think - that will do? Or how many wouldn't be enough?
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    #theresalwaysone ;biggrin
  • I think 12 isn't enough from those fixtures. Anything above 12 is decent, anything above 15 would leave me very happy.
  • Grey, If I was predicting the scores I would think they would get 12 points,
    anymore would be a bonus.
  • Anything 12 or above I’d do cartwheels below 12 be disappointed
  • Minimum 11 points for me, anything above, happy days...
  • I'd be over chuffed with 12...

  • Pellegrini keeps saying he wants us to have a big club mentality or a winning mentality or whatever it is he says. If that's the case then expecting 4 wins and 4 defeats out of 8 games is not big or winning, imo. If we're meant to be striving for more, then 4 wins in those games is an absolute minimum, and then losing less than 4 is important too.
  • Think its still very much a work in progress situation Alderz ;ok Guess only time will tell if it works out....
  • Alderz

    I share Pelle's ambition, but perhaps not his expectations just yet...
  • 12 decent but want 14
  • 14 for me

    I am putting the last two weeks down as a blip due to distraction. It’s easy to forget that we were a half decent unit only 3 games ago & the 3 months before that.

    Obviously based on the last two weeks, I’d be happy with 8. But I’m sure we’re better than that so I would expect more & be happy with 14.
  • 12 decent but want 14

    What he said ;ok
  • I was looking at 9 hopefully to to be proven wrong
    2 points so far
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    With Lanzini and Nasri nearing returns and Balbuena not far behind that I imagine. We will have essentially our full contingent of players for the remaining 10 games of the season.

    With Wilshire / Yarmelenko / Sanchez / Reid not featuring for the rest of this season.

    Perhaps we might pluck a few more points.
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