Wolves vs West Ham (A) 29th Jan

So after a dismal day out against Wimbledon conceding 4 goals and being brushed aside in the FA Cup, Matters for West Ham now turn back to the Premier League, we now make the trip to Molineux to a high flying Wolverhampton Wanderers promoted from the Championship now beginning to flex their muscles in the Premier League.

The Roller coaster keeps on riding, which West Ham team will turn up ? which West Ham players want out ?

I guess we will find out at 19:45 on Tuesday.

Predictions ?
Line up ?


  • Nothing less than a win will do
  • Has to be 3 points
  • And the likelihood is that we turn them over and arnie as a stormer
  • Is balbuena almost back? Not a fan of Ogbonna at all

    Zab Diop Oggy Cressy
    Rice Snodgrass
    Antonio Nasri Anderson
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    Balbuena still 4-6 weeks away according to reports, so we have to go with Diop and Ogbonna, both of whom were hopeless against Wimbledon.

    I'd go with your XI, Champo, with the exception of Noble next to Rice and Snodgrass on the right wing. Noble is due a good performance and Antonio is just too frustrating for me to want to see him play.

    To quote our long-shoed, sponge-nosed friend, this has loss written all over it. Wolves are just as inconsistent as we so this really could go either way, but given how important it is to our season I fully expect us to fold like an old umbrella.

    3-1 Wolves.
  • I agree with OCS, Champo's line up with Antonio out, Noble in.

    Wally Downes said it all; "We knew it was important to stop Mark Noble getting the ball".

    I'll be happy with a point.
  • Rice will need to have a stormer to protect the defence but Zaba and Cresswell will help a lot as well . A good counter attack performance 1-1 maybe a win if we take our chances
  • It always helps to have actual defenders playing in the defence ;ok
  • I feel pretty confident we’ll lose this.
  • I think we will see a reaction from the boys

    2-1 to us
  • Sad to say but IMHO i can see us being ripped apart in this game, they can break at speed, something we seem lacking...Hope I'm very wrong but i feel a 3-0 or 4-1 loss..
    As said, Hope I'm very wrong.
  • Jay, I said the same after the Bournemouth game. ;weep
  • If Arnie is back, its not like we cant break at speed too. He, Andersen and Nasri are a high quality trio to deal with. If we have Antonio battering them down the other wing then perhaps we can put the Cup out of our minds and get back to doing well away which has been the case recently.

    That's as optimist as it'll most likely get after Wimbledon. Someone has to be so though! I'll forget that it may have damaged confidence and believe that after the recent rocket and improved 2nd half yesterday that the reintroduction of Rice and co will make a difference.

    We may not win but I think we'll be anxious not to get a 1/2 time dressing down from Pelle again in the near future

    Zab Og Diop Cress
    Rice Nasri Snoddy (I know Nobes will probably play)
    Antonio Arnie Andersen

    Not particularly in that formation....
  • Away win
    Away loss
    Away battering
    Nil nil draw
    Three three draw.

  • So what you're saying Suze is that you're not going to have a bet on it. ;biggrin
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    Each way?
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    Kinda expecting a bit reaction from the lads tonight, even if many didn’t play Saturday. I expect them to go out there with a flea in their ear & the motivation to make up for that display.

    Fredericks - Diop - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Noble - Rice
    Antonio - Nasri - Anderson

    Adrian, Zabaleta, Obiang, Snodgrass, Diangana, Carroll, Hernandez

    1-3 (Arnie to score)
  • It's just as well this is an away match after the debacle of Saturday.
    They (Arnie especially perhaps) have a chance to redeem themselves before the probable home thrashing next Monday.
  • Same team for me lukerz except zab for Fredericks
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    I was going to go the same, cuz. Have been eating humble pie this season with Zabs. But I just feel with Fredericks being the future & the jury still out on whether he is good enough to be first choice, we need to get a good look at him until the summer.
  • I give up. So now we drop Zab, our most consistent player along with Rice, just to see if Fredericks is good enough. I give up.
  • Play Zab until we hit 40 points then after that give Fredericks a run.
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    IronHerb said:

    I give up. So now we drop Zab, our most consistent player along with Rice, just to see if Fredericks is good enough. I give up.

    Chill out. It ain’t that revolutionary.

    As it stands, he leaves in the summer. Our future next season doesn’t contain Zab currently.

    You don’t agree. Fair enough. I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting Zab to continue.
  • Play Zab until we hit 40 points then after that give Fredericks a run.

    TBH I'd play Zab until he hits 40!

  • Why are you worried about next season? There's plenty to play for this season.
  • Lukerz ;ok

    I agree that Fredericks is the future, however, I think that Diop is far less comfortable on the right hand side of defence. Zab covers for him a lot when he goes charging out. Until Balbuena is back, I think Zab is very important to our defence.

    IMO you build from the back. Fredericks offers more in attack (from what I've seen), but we are ropey at the back and need some kind of stability.
  • For me, given what happened on Saturday & our pretty secure status in the league, we may as well to as adventurous as possible between now & May to grab 7th. If we had 10 points fewer than we do I would agree with Zab as the safe bet. As could go 7th tonight with a win & with Watford, Leicester & Bournemouth with tricky games tomorrow, let’s attack it.
  • We won't go 7th. West Ham and 7th are like opposing magnets.
  • We have a poor record against teams in the middle 6-7 in the league, and I fully expect that to to continue tonight.
  • Lawro predicts a 2-0 win to Wolves because our performance on Saturday was so bad - failing to realise that there will probably be five changes to the line up tonight.

    The only mention of Wolves is that they are still in the cup but mostly he writes about Arnie's new contract.

    Words fail me...
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