Other football, 12/13 January 2019

Fulham have scored three away at Burnley, unfortunately they scored two at the wrong end in three minutes ;lol


  • Yes, thats now three for OG... Rumours now circulating that an unnamed Chinese club have put in a 35M bid
  • Saints are beating Leicester 2-0 despite having a man sent off between goals.

    That's just showing off...
  • Another couple for Saints and we move up to 7th.
  • Ginger in the starting line up for Ipswich and apparently playing a blinder.
  • They need all the help they can get.
  • Burnley win 2-1 without having a shot on target!
  • And there was me laughing at Koscielny's post-match comment: 'It's hard to win unless you score a goal.'

  • Ipswich 1 - Rotherham. Post match Paul Lambert said
    We have defended brilliantly though. James Collins was outstanding. For a lad that has not played for a long time, he was a colossus
    The assist was from Freddie Sears.
  • A lad don't think so ;whistle
  • He didn't have to run too much - he made the opposition give him piggy backs...

  • That's where his experience comes into play.
  • Everton 2 -0 winners, Marco Silva: Another highly annoying manager IMO...
  • Pogba pass. Wow. Just wow.

    It was a cracker, but I think Sideshow Bob's yesterday was better.
  • Spuds lost, oh dear how sad ;lol
  • Bottlers
  • I hope Chelsea do them in the league cup semi and overtake them in the league just to shut their fans up
  • That would be the best case scenario for me too Pearce
  • At work I have a pool supporter one side, a gunner and a spud behind me. I think the conversation will be around how good a 1-0 score is these days ;biggrin
  • I wonder what the special one is thinking right now ;lol
  • edited January 2019
    Although Solskijar getting lots of plaudits I cant help feeling he is another Dominic Di mattao at Chelsea, who came in and let the guys play unfettered and the quality was so high they ended up winning the champions league. That group is so good and just happy to be free of Mourinho that they are playing freely and enjoying their football again. Di Mattao was received as one of the lads and many thought John Terry was pulling the strings. Once the freedom effect wears off however a longer term strategy becomes necessary. Di Mattao won The FA Cup and Champions league yet still got sacked the same year. The Man Utd situation looks very much the same to me.
  • claretandbluesky

    I think you have mixed Dominic Matteo and Roberto Di Matteo up.
  • I think you might be right Preston........... ;doh
  • Wolves facing a big dent in their GD tonight. 2 down and only 10 men.
  • Pep not looking too impressed by Ederson playing in the outfield.
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