New Year Games (other teams)

Watching Everton-Leicester. It's not a classic, so far.


  • zzzzzzzz
  • Refs should have an option 'time taken off' to shorten games like this.
  • Marco Silva watching on the touchline... thinks *Wildcard*
  • Is Silva actually doing any better than bfs did ;hmm
  • Did not get up in time for this one, seems like I did not miss anything
  • Is Silva actually doing any better than bfs did ;hmm

    I don’t think he is. They’re dreadful at the moment. Not sure why anybody thinks Silva is a good manager. Relegated at Hull. Tanking at Watford. Now dragging a very expensive Everton side back down the league.
  • Some cracking games in the Championship.

    Hull tonking Bolton 6-0, Forest 4-2 up on Dirty Lids, Swansea 1-4 up at Reading.
  • Cracking 4th goal forest quality ball in and finish, the lads are back in our pub from the derby game moaning about how good hugills headed equaliser was for boro
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    And Kane has scored against every prem team except Cardiff so we all know who will score today
  • Wrote a minute to soon
  • Cardiff could get a hiding here.

    Poor old Colin.

    Bizarre to feel hopeful for a crushing Spurs win. ;nonono ;hmm
  • 2 nil already.
  • Oops

    Make that 3 nil ;lol
  • I didn't think Cardiff would be such a pushover.
  • Got to HT and turned it off, 1) it is always difficult to see Spurs dominate and 2) for the last 30mins it literally looked like a practice match between the first team and third team where the third team was given the role of sitting back and the first team have to break them down.
  • It’s a pity they stopped at three really.
  • Listening to Ole Gunnar ;wotsits pre-match interview - his accent cracks me up.
  • What on earth is going on at the Bournemouth - Watford match? ;nonono
  • I might turn over and watch the Bournemouth game ;nonono
  • Just noticed that as well, 3-3 and it's not even half time yet
  • 6 minutes, 4 goals.

    Think that deserves a

  • Chelsea fail to manage a goal at home, against the mighty Saints
  • Newcastle struggling - but it wasn't fair of us to kidnap Ayoze Perez.
  • MrsGrey said:

    Newcastle struggling - but it wasn't fair of us to kidnap Ayoze Perez.

    Would sooner him than Lucas IMO!
  • Ayoze Perez although in Newcastle at this time, would have made more of an impact tonight than Lucas Perez did.
  • How sick must Mourinho look now after Manure's 4th win on the bounce albeit against teams in the bottom half. ;biggrin
  • Wonder if he's noticed, he's probably still counting his redundancy ;lol
  • Probably noticed Pogba and Sanchez can play still for me it’s a disgrace that they are still united players who will turn up when it suits
  • Liverpool win or draw tonight then the title is theirs

    Hoping city manage to get the 3 and make it more interesting
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