Fulham (A); Saturday 15th December, 17:30

Read it and get used to it guys and gals.

Fulham to win 1-0. Brian McBride with a late sucker punch.


  • Nah, Gabbidon will mark him out of the game.
  • The last time we won four Premier League games in a row was February 2014, Swansea, 2-0 (h), Villa 2-0 (a), Norwich 2-0 (h), Saints 3-1 (h).

    Don't mess with a winning streak, same formation, Carroll in for Perez, maybe Cresswell in for Masuaku.

    And naturally I'll be working when its on...
  • 3 more second half goals ,and a 3-1 win for the good guys ;scarf ;scarf ;scarf
  • Fabianski
    Zabaleta - Balbuena - Diop - Masuaku
    Snodgrass - Noble - Rice - Anderson
    Hernandez - Carroll
  • I’d not start AC, he still looks very unfit. More of an impact sub I think.
  • I’d prefer Cresswell over Masuaku.
  • suz, I know what you mean, but he needs a run of games to get his match sharpness up. To me, he looked more 'rusty' than unfit ;ok
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    ...and Chica is better with someone alongside, although it could be Antonio with AC coming on later on.
  • Saying that I think Perez will be fit to start so same starting X1 for me.

    I fancy a big away win .
  • Me too.

    I want six !!
  • After wins of 3-0, 3-1 and 3-2 this has to end 3-3, surely ?
  • After wins of 3-0, 3-1 and 3-2 this has to end 3-3, surely ?

    Nope, it resets but one higher so we will win 4-0 :)
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    MrsGrey said:

    suz, I know what you mean, but he needs a run of games to get his match sharpness up. To me, he looked more 'rusty' than unfit ;ok

    I agree. But he still won nearly all his headers, even when they double teamed him. Somethings just don't change...
  • Knowing what Fulham are like defensively & how we have two excellent crossers in Anderson & Snodgrass, I think Carroll being in partner with Hernandez will cause a lot of issues. I think one of their CB's (Odoi?) is about 5 ft?
  • Carroll missed out on pre-season fitness games and it would be too early to sling him into full games. I guess he would come on as a sub in 2-3 games to gain match fitness. I suspect WHU will the same staring 11 if everyone is fit, or may be swap Cresswell for Masuaku. Love to see the unbeaten run continue.
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    TBH I personally would stick with Masuaku going forward. I think Pellegrini has made it clear that clean sheets aren't a massive priority (although I'm sure he'd like them). In that case we don't need to overly prioritise a defensive LB. I like what Masuaku has offered in the last two games. Plus it was only 0-1 when he replaced Cress at Newcastle. There isn't much between them. Cress is marginally the better complete full-back, Masuaku is younger & quicker. Flip a coin. But I would go with Mas for this one.
  • Lukerz

    Well, when he has talked, he has certainly stressed the importance of clean sheets, so I don't think he's full Kevin Keegan about it.

    In particular, he has talked about how not conceding, and then scoring first, allows us to play in a particular way.
  • I think Cresswell has been in better form, but if we're expecting to have as much of the ball as we did against Cardiff then it has to be Masuaku as he can take players on and create space. I'd be tempted to bring Antonio back in for Zab, as great as Zab has been, because Antonio was allowed to live in Cardiffs half that match. If we're not expecting to be in full control of possession then obviously Cress and Zab ;ok
  • I think, if he doesnt go with Perez (if fit) and hernandez up front then AC should play from the start. I'd rather he affect the game until subbed rather than a last 20 minute sub appearance. If he can cause chaos in their defence and get a lead, then I believe their teams heads will drop because of the defensive flaws theyve had all season. We arent going to have a bit percentage of the possession because Fulham are very much a passing side unlike Cardiff
  • Fulham clearly have a shaky defence, but occasionally their attack clicks.

    They stuck 4 past Burnley, and 3 past Southampton, so I don't think we can take their attacking threat lightly.
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    We're gonna win 5-4 ;wahoo

    1st on MoTD.

  • But I won't be watching it as I'll be lying down in a darkened room.

  • I would only ever play Masuaku unless there was really really no other option.

  • Fulham will cause us plenty of problems. They are a very good side on their own pitch when attacking. Schurle, Mitrovic, Sessegnon, Cairney. They can create problems. We have hardly been watertight at the back. I think it’s likely to be another high-scoring game. You can’t help but feel they will go for it as they are in a bad league position & don’t know how to sit back, but you feel that will only play into our hands.

  • 2 wins and 10 goals in 7 home games doesn't come across as very good when attacking. Burnley, when they beat them, and Southampton were amongst the poorest teams in the division. Cairney was dropped for the last game.
    If your having concerns about playing Fulham then you can only be hoping we finish in 17th place this season.
    They are a poor prem team at this time who we should be confident of beating. Having confidence does not mean lacking respect but if we don't go into this game with a view to win then what game this season will we?
  • Herb

    If that's a response to my comment, then it wasn't what I intended to convey.

    I'm not worried about them, and on form it's a nailed on away win.

    My point was simply that if we imagine we don't need much of a defence against them, we could come unstuck.

  • I think maybe we now have two full back options, depending on the opposition..

    Zab and Cress the more defensive and then Antonio and Masa the more attacking option..
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    TBH we could come unstuck with a full strength defence Grey.

    On Saturday at times our defending philosophy looked like ‘oh sorry I thought you were going to get that’.
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    It was a bit of a surprise, given his organised we had been in recent games.
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