Man City (H); Saturday 24th November, 15:00



  • Come on Alderz, we're relying on you.

    Bill Hill only offering 9/1 for us to win ;hmm
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    9-1 in a two horse race with home advantage is just depressing. Ok technically a three horse race including the draw.
  • Fabianski
    Zabaleta - Balbuena - Diop - Cresswell
    Noble - Rice - Obiang
    Diangana - Arnautovic - Anderson

    Difficult to see anything out of this & that is no disgrace as they are a class side. Hopefully a real good effort & full commitment is all we can ask.

  • 2-1 West Ham, Andy Carroll to come on and grab the winner assisted by Jack Wilshire. Carroll to injure himself in the celebrations when Jack jumps on his back before falling awkwardly and injuring himself to.

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  • Odds on that are probably less than 9/1 ;lol
  • Really looking forward to see how we approach this game.

    While I don't think we will win against such a good City side, for the first time in years I think we have a team that could win, which is to say we have a side capable of passing and moving the ball through a team, rather than banging it up the middle and hoping for a bit of luck, and a CF in Arnie who is genuine quality.

    I'm hoping that if we get our behinds handed to us, like so many other teams, we at least go down going forwards, and trying to cause them problems.
  • Main issue as I see it is that we don't handle being pressed which is the mainstay of the City gameplan. ;hmm
  • Apart from Liverpool on the 1st day....this game is just damage limitation

    City are just THAT good

    As grey said im interested to see how we approach it, think it'll be similar to Chelsea so backs to the wall but fast countering
  • 2-1 to us but what do I know, if someone brought me a box of after 8 mints I’d die at ten two
  • A dull 0-0 to mystify and confound the pundits.
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    Is that 9/1 the predicted score (in Citeh's favour of course)? ;weep
  • A sneaky 0-0 would not surprise me
  • I really would be baffled by anything other than a comfortable defeat. They are just that good.

    We could play really well & defend really well & still lose 3-0.
  • lets just hope we catch them on a off day, ;pray
  • Carroll & Wilshere available according to Sky. At least one expected to make the bench.
  • ;hmm hope that bench is safe and does not have a step up ;biggrin
  • I'd take a goal for us.
  • Can you take the one that Man City will be aiming at ;ok
  • MrsGrey said:

    Can you take the one that Man City will be aiming at ;ok

    and hide it ;biggrin

    I just have a weird feeling that we will not lose this one ;puzzled
  • Expat - I don't know whether to give you a "I agree" or a " Made me laugh"
  • ;lol .................. I have made a gentlemans agreement with Mr Hill that he will give me £100 plus my own £5 should it be 0-0

    and a secondary wager for the same stake that a draw will result.

    Also done my standard 1-1, 2-0, 3-0, 2-1 & 3-1 to the mighty hammers
  • Expat, there's only one thing for you

  • Told my mrs if we get a result I will roll my own smokes for a whole week lol
  • I've just checked everything out with the most scientific of methods.
    1. Saturday afternoon (3pm, GMT), we are starting the joint birthday party of my wife and son. We have booked a table in a restaurant.
    2. West Ham - Manchester City is live on TV
    3. There is no way I will be able to watch the match live.
    1 + 2 + 3 = an heroic performance from the Irons, either to score a last-minute goal and hold on for a plucky draw, or to score early in the first half, and then hold on, just as the Welsh fusiliers held on at Rourke's Drift, to come away with a sneaky 1-0 win.
  • I think you mean The South Wales Borderers (24th Foot)...

    ...except they didn't become the South Wales Borderers until 1881, two years after Rourke's Drift. In 1879 the 24th Foot were the 2nd Warwickshire Regiment and only 32 of the 122 British were Welsh.

    There's a lot they got wrong in "Zulu".
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    ASLEF, I had a small bar in Spain and I called it Rourke's drift. It wasn't until it was pointed out to me that I found out it's actually Rorke's drift. That sign had to come down. ;lol
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    Damn you, spellchecker!!! Indeed Rorke's not Rourke's (or as the Zulu's called it kwaJim)
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