Not really Radio Llama, but music related.

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I used to really enjoy listening to Mark Lamarr's Radio 2 show 'God's Jukebox', which was so good that, inevitably, the BBC ended up cancelling it.

He has a hugely eclectic musical taste and collection, so I was always being introduced to new artists/groups and even styles that I didn't know about.

While I was searching for podcasts of his today, I discovered that a (clearly devoted, if not obsessed) listener has put together a Spotify playlist of music played on the shows, which now runs to over 6000 tracks.

You'll get anything from 1920's to modern, with lots of soul, reggae/ska and country.

Spotify is free to sign up for, and the playlist is here:

Set the player to 'shuffle' and randomly treat yourself to hours and hours and hours of simply fantastic music.

It's just thrown up this:

followed by

and then a spot of this:

There are some random whole shows here:


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