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Other matches w/e of Oct 6th

Interesting decision in the spurs game, a straight red for a very cynical challenge, no attempt whatsoever to go for the ball, trouble is the challenge was a good 40 yards from goal with a covering defender, thus not a clear goal scoring opportunity.

For me, I think that the blatent nature of the challenge warranted the red, however I am not sure that the laws of the game really cover that, was it cyclical, definitely, was it reckless, certainly, but was it a dangerous challenge warranting a straight red, probably not.

Thoughts on a postcard


  • As long as it annoys Warnock it's ok by me Chicago. ;biggrin
  • The loss to Bournemouth not looking as bad as it first did

    They've done great and look like they're really enjoying themselves

    They had a man advantage granted but Watford are a good team,to beat them 4-0 at home is mad

    Palace struggling again, have yet to score a goal at home
  • Mike Dean did well IMO...
  • edited October 6
    ;doh Tuning in to watch the next match. For goodness sake, can we talk about something else other than Mourinho .... we've heard every possible theory and opinion, expressed by every pundit and commentator, every manager, ex-manager, player and ex-player on the subject. ;angry

    Enough. Talk about football.
  • edited October 6
    Well this won’t help with that.

    ManUtd 0-2 BarCodes ;lol ;lol
  • Hilarious ;wahoo
  • I don't actually mind them talking about Mourinho when Man Utd are actually playing. It's almost like that is what they should be doing. ;lol
  • And about what Rafa had for a starter when Ashley took them out for a team meal. ;doh It's like the football version of Hello magazine.
  • You mean they actually mentioned Newcastle? ;wink
  • Did anyone see Sigurdssons goal earlier? It was a good 'un
  • Pen not given? Ref needs to clean his glasses.
  • No matter how poor United play they still have the ref with them. ;doh
  • Or maybe the ref is just poor. ;lol
  • Newcastle belittling our achievement of last week by turning them over away from home. Clubs may soon be counting the Man Utd fixtures as three points in the bag.
  • Taylor has had a poor game IH.

  • This is great.2-2
  • 3-2 great game and now ;lol at Newcastle
  • They were booing at half time and now chanting his name - great game to watch but I am not happy at the result
  • Bunch of Man U fans fed up. They'd prefer to lose ;doh
  • Arsenal's 3rd goal ;nonono ;nolan
  • Wowser ;bowdown
  • Of the weeks for us to lose to Brighton, looks like this was the week to pick. Nobody in the bottom 7 winning, 5 lost, 1 drew & the final side is trailing 0-2 currently.
  • MrsGrey said:

    Arsenal's 3rd goal ;nonono ;nolan

  • Watching the Liverpool v Citeh game, the narrative Sky spin around the Liverpool fans is quite nauseating.
  • Sky comms also making sure that the viewers are aware that Liverpool played later in the week and further away than Man City, readying the excuses in case they lose.

    Hate Liverpool.
  • I think that was a foul by Lovren. And it was in the penalty area. Just saying.
  • 100% agree Mrs G.

    Anywhere else on the pitch and you know a free kick would be awarded.

    One of many frustrating things about the modern game.
  • Mane aims a kick at Fernandinho's head:

    'Yellow card' says Souness.

    Hate Sky.
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