1000 (1002 really) 'made me laugh' Speech

I noticed recently I was close to a 1000 make me laughs and wondered at 998 if it would revert to 000 or have the capacity to go to 4 figures.

I don't know whether its an achievement as such but the thought of people being provoked to laugh (with me or at me lol) and click to show it provoked a nice inner feeling.


I was saving this speech for my knighthood or first Oscar but perhaps I can compose something else when that happens…

I would like to thank my son for inspiring me, my other half for believing in me, my parents for having me, Sir Trevor Brooking my hero for just being Trevor Brooking and God for giving me the strength to carry on. To rise above adversity and bring down the walls which stop the common man from succeeding.

Thank you also to my agent, who plucked me off the streets of obscurity.and made me the household name I am today…

Last, but not least, Michy Batshuayi ;weep who will one day come to West Ham and score the goals which take us to the league title. ;wahoo Only then will I be able to reclaim my rightful Bazshuayi handle!

Actually not last or least... To Mrs Grey who is responsible for at least 60% of those 'made me laugh' clicks. Thank you! ;thumbsup ;clap ;biggrin


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