Clubs you dislike/hate and the reasons

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The reason I dislike some clubs (but not all) is usually because of a certain player or manager e.g.Bournemouth (the cheat Calum Wilson and his holiness Eddie Howe), Watford (Troy Deeney- there's just something about him ;angry) , and of course there's some clubs where you don't need a reason (Spuds, Millscum) ;biggrin.
What's yours?


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  • I don't really care about other teams enough to dislike any of them, tbh. I like it when Jose Mourinho, Neil Warnock, Mark Hughes and Tony Pulis lose. And I guess I don't like Reading either, because of Jimmy Kebe.

    I don't even really dislike Millwall, Spurs or Chelsea, I just don't care about any of them (though it does make me laugh when Spurs lose).
  • Whilst agreeing with Ald I must confess to having an almost pathological hatred for Mark Viduka... Thing is, I cant remember why ;hmm
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    And Manure
  • Spuds , hate with a passion, worked near them , arrogant fans, Colin as he is a Colin and Sheffield Utd, lifes victims, hint you were not good enough. Orient over the stadium but they are now an irrelevance
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    Of all clubs, it is Chelsea that I just cannot abide, I literally cannot watch them when they win and love it when they lose.

    For me, growing up in the late sixties and seventies, i think it was driven by a irrational jealousy of what I saw of West London, the playboys and fashionistas, the kings road and high end nightclubs, the Chelsea team of the seventies, at least in my mind, epitomized that playboy lifestyle,

    My dad worked in shipping and for many years was a warehouse manager in the East London docks and frankly, the docks always had a tawdry and slightly dilapidated air about them, so my feeling towards Chelsea, if I am honest, is probably driven by simple jealously.

    So in a nutshell, I think I understand why I hate Chelsea and I am totally, and completely comfortable with it

  • This season may have a slightly interesting twist to it as it looks like Leeds have a good chance of finally getting in the top tier, now there is a team that despite all this time, is beyond redemption in my mind
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    Our very own Wombat is not a fan ;whome
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  • Nottingham forest and only reason I know a lot of fans well bout 7 that changed from notts county to forest simply because they were promoted under clough and jumped on the forest bandwagon of success
  • Am I the only one who has a soft spot for Leeds ;weep

    We had rellies up in Bradford and my big cousin used to take me to their matches when he could.
  • Don't have a problem with Leeds. Crowds they get are incredible considering their travails of the ast 20 years.

    Hates: Millwall obviously, Sheff Utd, most of the 'big' teams except Man City and sometimes Liverpool, although their fans do suffer from enormous chips on their shoulders.

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  • Crystal Palace for me, hate them for that play off final years ago, also their fans do my head in...
  • Really don’t like Spurs. Mainly because most of the people I know are Spurs fans, and, well, they’ve done better than us. So, it’s difficult to have comebacks when they talk trash about our club.

    Don’t really have a problem with anyone else. Once a big team has won the league, I root for another big team to win because I don’t one team to consistently win.

    Don’t really have a problem with Chelsea or even Millwall (we’ve hardly played them while I’ve been alive).
  • Buckie Thistle cos I sat on a thistle once. ;biggrin
  • I have a thing about Galatasaray, but I don't know why. And also Legia Warsaw, but that's because they are literally owned by a gangster, and their fans shout out monkey noises to their own players of colour (and they're "Green Street" level enemies of the local club I follow, Wisła Kraków). I don't like Glentoran, either, and I don't know why -at least on a conscious level.
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  • I don't dislike or hate any team and I'm not quite sure why I should. In fact, if I could I would get them all together in a big rainbow-coloured tent and give them all a big, warm communal hug.

    The only exception, the one club that has caused me untold suffering and tears over the years is West Ham United. Completely beyond the pale.
  • Spurs and Palace. Because they are Spurs and Palace.
  • I don't hate any team.
    However, local rivalry raises emotions. Plymouth Argyle are a team I enjoy beating.
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    With other teams it varies, I used to loathe Liverpool in the 70s and 80s because they won everything but that shifted to Man U in the 90s and 00s. I dislike Chelsea because their success was down to Abramovich's money but I don't feel the same about Man City, perhaps because their success irritates Man U fans so much.

    I dislike Sheffield United for the obvious reasons. Wigan because of the plastic pitch and their owner. Any team with Warnock as manager, Cardiff doubly so because their fans were utter thugs (worse than Leeds or Birmingham). Any team with those damn clapper things.

    I dislike Palace at the moment partly because of Zaha, partly because their defensive approach is a bit 1980s Wimbledon and partly because their fans do that "whoaooahoahaoahaoh" thing; guess they can't think of any words.

    I have absolutely no problem with Spurs.
  • Leeds united FC.

    I dislike them intensely. Puffed up overbearing Herbert’s in the 1970s Don Revie as manager and chief hate figure. Poncey tassels on their socks and running out as a team in a straight line and holding their arms up for the adoration of their fans dressed in surgeons masks and coats. And smashing up the soccer special train I was on by hurling bricks at it while it pulled into the station. I wish them nothing but relegation.
  • And Billy Bremner was their captain and Norman hunter was a star.
  • Manchester United - So today's result is great. ;lol

    They have an arrogance that runs through their management, players and most of their supporters, although I have met some who you can have a decent discussion with. It's not because they are successful, it's more that they believe they have a divine right to win every game and are VERY poor losers. In saying that I like them to do well in Europe for England.

    Bolton - Big Sam!, Sheffield United & Wigan - Tevezgate

    Luton Town - David Pleat for when they did the double over us in 1980/81.
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    Apart from the obvious (Millwall & Tottenham), I have a particular dislike of the sectarian bigots of the so called Old Firm, particularly the blue half who I think are the worse of the two. 10 years in Madrid is enough to make anyone hate the entitled bunch that are Real, although I don't have much time for the whingers of Athletico either.I detest Lazio because of the far right connections (I don't get why some WHU fans seem to like them).Back in England I've always disliked Chelsea as well (pre & post money & success) the Mancs, Leeds & Palace.
  • Bayern Munich for me vecause for years now they have been buying their way to success. The moment there is a team which gets close they start unsettling or buying their best players.
  • Chelsea, no question, forget their club was built less than 20 years ago on Russian money and they have little history

    85-86 had seen nearly all the home games that season, even the 8-1 NUFC (Grey ;biggrin ) made a last minute decision to go up the midweek CFC home game, locked out with the other 10k, police helicopter and we didn’t fill the place because they gave that lot the entire south bank, never got in and we lost 1-2 and the league was probably gone.

    Never got over it ;angry
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    Liverpool they seem to forget that their fans were responsible for deaths of 39 Italian supporters and 11 of their fans were convicted of manslaughter for it plus getting English banned from Europe. Yet they are portrayed as having the best fans in the world etc .
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