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  • 2 decisions in the Wolves v Man City game demonstrate why VAR needs to come to the EPL.
    Wolves goal should have been disallowed (for both offside and handball) and minutes later a clear penalty was not given.
  • Excellent draw for Wolves. All their players put in a shift. We can only hope ours put in as much effort.
  • Putting sentiment aside Man City deserved to win - and would have done if VAR was in place
  • Richarlison sent off so will miss our match in September.
  • Watford's second goal ;nonono
  • Goals wherever Joe Hart goes it seems...
  • Pen for Chelsea. Thank the lord - maybe Newcastle will try to play now.
  • Lol Newcastle equalise after the ref and the lino miss Giroud being poleaxed.
  • Very bright start in the Man U Spurs game.

    Man U actually decent to watch for a change.
  • Spurs unlucky (shame lol) imo not to get a penalty. Also, how greedy was Deli Alli to shoot instead of passing to Kane in a better position?
  • Good header by Kane from a corner, 0-1
  • edited August 27
    0-2, with a good chance for Lukaku sandwiched between the 2 Spurs goals.
  • Storm here. Power cut. Missed the second goal ;doh
  • edited August 27
    As much as I'd like both teams to lose (unfortunately impossible) or, failing that, neither to win, it's always quite funny to see Man Utd lose, especially with Mourinho at the helm.

    Utd have used all 3 subs already, with half an hour to go still.
  • Really, really shoulda been 3.
  • All very entertaining!
  • edited August 27
    Dya think all the ManU fans saying they just wanted to see attacking football are like ;wahoo ;scarveng
  • That Moura looks real quality!
  • Thing is, score apart, I thought Man U looked far better than they have for a while. I'm sure that will be a consolation to their fans.
  • Sanchez must wonder why he left Arsenal
  • Blimey, meeja acting like Spurs have won the league.
  • ;doh half of me is happy ,utd lost ;wahoo other half is unhappy spurs won ;nonono
  • edited August 27

    ....... it's always quite funny to see Man Utd lose, especially with Mourinho at the helm.

    I love seeing Mourinho lose, never bought into his "Special One", always felt he benefited hugely from the team he inherited from Ranieri for his first spell at Chelsea.

    Seems he believes his own hype a bit too much these days
  • On a lighter note...

    MNF; ManUtd ship in 3 goals, Jose is angry and Phil Jones is upset.... If Carlsberg did live football ;biggrin ;devil
  • Shame it was the spuds though
  • His press conference was better
  • Moroniho now evens with the bookies to be the next Prem manager for the chop.
  • When do we play them... he's bound to go the week before then.
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