Premier league week 2 - Aug 18th

Oh the well documented road of supporting a mediocre/inconsistent football team, last week Newcastle looked really good against Spurs.

They have offered up a very different performance today against Cardiff, frankly not that great of an advert for the game, only talking point of note is inconsistent decisions.

Newcastle had a man sent off due to a late challenge deemed reckless, it had merit but looked harsh to me and then Cardiff were lucky not to lose man for a challenge that imo, was just as bad and more cynical.


  • Kennedy , what a game ;lol ;lol ;lol
  • He certainly paid the penalty ;lol
  • The only person who is likely to remember that game is Kenedy ;lol
  • Referree dares to not give penalty to Kane. Pocchetino not happy even though Kane was clearly on his way down before any challenge. ;doh
  • The only person who is likely to remember that game is Kenedy ;lol

    He was so bad, he lost an 'n' from his name before the game even started (and will probably be retro banned)
  • Gooners on the same points as us as it stands, could be worse look at QPR under MR Brolly
  • Just for the record, I enjoyed the Chelsea vs Arsenal game, hard to believe that these two teams are actually in the same league as Newcastle, Cardiff and someone else who comes to mind ;weep
  • I had to laugh, Lee Dixon referred to the ex chain smoking Chelsea manager and said that at this rate he will be back on the fags.

    I think he forgot he was addressing a largely American audience.

    Well it made me laugh ;lol
  • There is little in football more enjoyable that an hacked off Jose Mourinho ;lol

    Brighton 3-1 ManUtd
  • ;weep wish we had half the fight Brighton has ;weep ;weep ;weep
  • The new signings liverpool have made are great, ref , lino, lino
  • The ref's surname is pretty unusual and, spookily, both of the linos have the same name!

    Liverpools 'officials' are Mr R. Aye and 'Callum Downe', 'Callum Downe'
  • ;yercoat
  • Well it tickled me to type it anyway ;puzzled
  • I thought MNF was great, I loved the GNev/Carra argument.
  • Roy very angry about the penalty.

    Not sure why.

    Which of the three fouls that were committed did he think shouldn't have been given?

    Even if you ignore the attempted trips, Sakho pulls Salah's shirt - foul - in the penalty area - penalty - simples.

  • edited August 2018

    Indeed, although at one particularly excited point Carra set off half the dogs on the island...

    Him and Steve Claridge could do a new show:

    The Great British Squeak Off
  • Carra get's so upset, its like every defensive miss step is like a dagger to his heart ;lol
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