PL Season opening weekend - 10/08/18

ManUtd v Leicester live on your telly box.

Kelly Cates hosting with Carra & GNev.

;wahoo ;wahoo ;wahoo


  • Man Utd 1-0 Leicester

    Pogba from a pen.

    Thanks to one of those hand balls were you wonder what the player was thinking ;doh
  • Early days but Maddison looking like a great buy
  • Maddison = one of the players I took out of my team during the week (because he was an injury doubt allied to Man Utd away first game) ;doh So he'll score, assist and general boss Man Utd in the 2nd half ;lol

    I put in L Moura instead. He will get sent off just after scoring an own goal (As hes Spurs I'd probably take the points loss ;wink )
  • Nice to see your being very positive Rocky. ;wink
  • Its the time honoured tradition of opening fantasy football day ;wink
  • How poor is Sanchez? ;doh
  • I.H. I was thinking the same, not a shadow of his Arsenal days.
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    I've been traveling all day. Not seen any football. Read that comment and was ;weep because he's in my team. But, when I checked ... five points ;wahoo
  • Is this the only opening game in history not to include a new signing in either starting 11?
  • Splitting hairs but Kennedy is a new signing.
  • Much more entertaining than last night, imo.
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    Well it would be.

    I watched last night but I’m missing this game because I’m in the hairdressers.
  • A bit conflicted considering the two teams involved but to be fair I enjoyed the Newcastle vs Spurs game, lots of energy, both keepers fully involved with chances falling to both teams.
  • I have spent a fair amount of time between the sticks and if someone hit a penalty against me like the one Chelsea hit against Huddersfield, it is possible that I would have totally lost it, rushed out and decked him.
  • Wolves v Everton on now.

    Come on Wolves ;wahoo
  • Wolves finding their start to PL life hard.
  • Everton down to 10. Tbh, I'm not sure about it
  • Typical, Siggy, in one of my FF teams, gets sacrificed.
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    It’s a stone wall red Buffy. Studs up.

    Goal from the resulting free kick.

  • 1-1 from resulting free-kick
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    It’s a stone wall red Buffy. Studs up.

    Goal from the resulting free kick.


    Studs up but low to the ground. I'm not sure of the technicalities these days tbh, it's just that he didn't really lunge in, more reached for it. Not sure a Man Utd player gets a red there (pretty sure Rooney did something similar but much worse to us a season or 2 back and stayed on, perhaps guidelines have changed since then, or............... ;wink )
  • He was last man though wasn’t he
  • Buffy.

    Serious foul play.
  • Supposedly for denial of a goal scoring opportunity, but Jakielka gets the ball first so that's harsh as well imo.
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    It’s a red.

    Serious foul play, just had that part of the rules confirmed on BTSport by a ref.

    Last man.

    It’s a red.

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    Either way, I'm not sure it was a red for all teams........

    Would feel a tad hard done by if given against us as I'm not convinced it would be given to all our opponents.

    Still, on the plus side, rightly or wrongly, I see Everton as more our competition than Wolves so more than happy for them not to win ;biggrin

    Edit: posted before I saw your latest post Suzanne. The 4th official apparently informed the channel I'm watching that it was for denial of goal scoring opportunity lol.
  • Well that’s down to refereeing inconsistency not whether or not the offence/s is punishable by a red card.
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    What is it about Walcott? he seems to have it all yet almost always leaves you underwhelmed
  • 2-1 Everton, nice finish by Richarlison, but can't help feeling the keeper (as well as the defenders) shoulda done better.
  • Wow, near suicidal attempts to play out of defence by Wolves, lucky to get away with it.
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