where Will a good finish in the table be classed as a good one

Alan Smith predicts 9th in the table, I’d be happy with that and a good cup run, thoughts anyone


  • Agree

    Think we'd all like top half but with if you couple the fact the top 6 are unlikely to change and strong windows for the majority of sides its no guarantee

    10th and a cup run sounds good to me, although i do think we will get 8th/9th
  • For me.

    Being no where near a relegation battle at any point.
  • As I can see only Southampton, Newcastle, Cardiff, Brighton, Huddersfield and Bournemouth being potentially weaker than us I wouldn't be surprised with 15th. An improvement on last year would be nice so I would probably not be too unhappy with a comfortable 11th. Anything above that would be a bonus.

    Having said that, I'm also expecting to find ourselves firmly established in the bottom three come the end of October.

    Forget about cup runs - there are too many League 1 and League 2 teams out there waiting to embarrass us.
  • Suze: at ANY point? Think we'll be rock bottom again after Sunday, like last year. But from then it should be upwards and onward for the New West Ham! Top half of the table and one semi-final, please.
  • I think the normal top 6, then I hope 7/8 battling with Everton.

    Burnley have Europe and their squad is too thin.

    No teams of obvious quality among the rest, typical cutthroat stuff for the rest of the places.
  • I know we've had a good summer, but I'm trying to base my expectations and hopes on what we did last year. So, no flirting with relegation, a good style of play, a better defence, less late collapses, more than 1 player with 10 goals. Those things are what I'm most after
  • Mystic Expat says 7th or 8th for us this year
  • Mystic Expat.

    I would rather finish 7th or 8th in May of next year if possible please. ;pray
  • For me, staying in the top 12 all season and finishing in the top 9 would br a good season......a very good season
  • Let’s end the season feeling like we are truly an established mid table premiership team, i.e, one that has not had to look over their shoulder at the threat of relegation..

    A decent cup run would also be nice.
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    42 pts asap then work out what’s next
    Then at Xmas push on with 4 finish lol at spuds, and get to an FA final,
  • Over the last 50 years our average finish has been 13th, with a quality manager and record spending on players 13th has to be the absolute minimum,

    9th will do
  • Good start to the season. We’re already out of fthe bottom three ;thumbsup
  • I'd suggest that league position is a less useful indicator than points total, since you can finish higher with fewer points some seasons.

    If we get 50+ points, I'd see that as progress.
  • Good for me would be 8th or above

    Acceptable would be 8th -12th as long as the performances gave hope for progression.

    Under 12th with such a spend would be a little disappointing in my view.
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    Anywhere between 7th - 10th place. If we were to win either of the Cups then just below halfway.
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