Transfer Deadline Day: The Final Reckoning

The day Christmas Eve wishes it could be as exciting as has arrived ;wahoo

Bring. It. On.


  • Yellow tie ready
  • The early deadline means that It will be difficult for gold to tell us not to go bed
  • Liverpool fans ;doh

    In light of Chelsea signing Kepa, I've seen a few on Facebook complaining about how much stick they got for signing Allison for £63m.

    It was Klopp's hypocrisy that people were mocking, not the signing itself.

    Anyway, Kepa replaces Courtois, whose deal was dependent on Kovacic joining Chelsea. Will that make Drinkwater available? Will we be having a look at him? Will he be our No4 this season?

    Transfer Deadline Day ;wahoo
  • I’d rather Drinkwater than Sanchez
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    I'm kinda torn. Sanchez would be a back-up to Rice and relatively cheap (I assume), whereas Drinkwater would, I imagine, be an expensive loan and possibly a starter ahead of Rice.

    Don't really want Rice's progress stunted, particularly by a loan player, as I don't think Pellegrini will look to play him at CB this season (injuries aside).

    But then if Drinkwater is better than Rice and makes us a better team, maybe that should be the preferred route ;hmm
  • Perez today ;hmm
  • I think Sanchez is already a go alongside Perez today.

    The third signing (if rumours are to be believed) another CB ? that guy from Le Havre potentially ?
  • Llorente from Tottenham being touted around ;hmm
  • The big news will the spuds get grealish over the line my spud friends are fumming currently if that's the only business they do :)
  • How did someone get a last name of Drinkwater, at what point in history did someone decide they wanted Drinkwater as their last name ;hmm Do you reckon it was a troll equivalent to Boaty McBoatface at the time.
  • English: nickname from Middle English drink + water. In the Middle Ages weak ale was the universal beverage among the poorer classes, and so cheap as to be drunk like water, whereas water itself was only doubtfully potable. The surname was perhaps a joking nickname given to a pauper or miser allegedly unable or unwilling to afford beer, or may have been given in irony to an innkeeper or a noted tippler. Compare French Boileau, German Trinkwasser.

    Every day's a school day.

    But not every day is Transfer Deadline Day.


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    Also a ;bowdown to all of the Trinkwasser's out there.
  • Wilshere has basically confirmed Perez has joined:

  • Good signing that for 4m. Ill be interested to see how he does.
  • Why is it that people called Jack can’t help themselves and disclose our new signings before the club officially does?...
  • I am very pleased that the window closes before the season opens.

  • Jack Wilshere ITK.
  • Announced on SSN to. Expect Club announcement in next 10 minutes I imagine.
  • Yeold ;ok 7-10 mins more like it ;wahoo
  • Why is it that people called Jack can’t help themselves and disclose our new signings before the club officially does?...

    I wonder if JW had some persuasion in bringing him to us

  • Looks like Leicester and Fulham trying to get a lot of deadline day business done.

    So do we think its just Sanchez left to come and that's it we are all done. Or is there a mystery 3rd player. ;hmm
  • If Sanchez ends up signing it will be a damp ending to a very good window. Terrible player
  • Looking at chelsea likely midfield 3 is looking tasty

    Kovacic Kante Jorginho

    Thats like Man City strong

    Still a bit disappointed we havent got a new DM but the chairmen have invested and invested well
  • Champo

    Given how supportive the owners have been, and how many players we have brought in, you have to assume it isn't a position Pelle has prioritised.
  • Yes i dont disagree with that
    Pellegrini is obviously happy enough

    But for me it is still a priority and potential weak area
  • I’m not that impressed with the Kovacic transfer personally. Don’t get me wrong - he’s a good player but I feel Chelsea should be going for top top players (easier said than done, obviously).
  • I wouldn't say he hasn't prioritised getting a DM. It may be that he hasn't been able to get one of the ones he thinks would improve the team. The players might not want to come, the owning clubs might not want to part with said players or not for the price we're willing to pay.

    We might get a surprise we might not. Either way I think we have had a good window.
  • Andre Gomes joining Everton on loan. So Sanchez (perm) it is then
  • Everton are doing some good business. There were reports they needed to sell players (due to last summer’s spending spree) but it seems they don’t have to.
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