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So, how does this World Cup England team compare to teams gone by?



  • For me this has been the first social media WC, the England camp have been posting some good stuff on YouTube.

    Players like Lingard who I didn't know much about has really endeared himself...

    He is funny, along with Rashford and lots of the guys...

    For years we had the arrogant bunch but these kids are just enjoying themselves....
  • IronHerb said:

    were fortunate to get past Spain, I think they had a goal ruled out incorrectly for offside (?)

    I believe it was actually two goals ruled out incorrectly. So very fortunate.

    I think the Switzerland game was pretty boring and only Gazza's goal v Scotland and the Netherlands game (in which we conceded in order to keep the Scots from qualifying for the quarters) really stand out.

    But it was played in England and a semi is a semi is a semi, as the Ferengi would say.
  • It was the manner we beat Holland, we didn’t just beat them we completely humiliated them, the bonus was letting in the goal at the end, which stopped Scotland lol

  • Absolutely the 1 goal we let was the cherry on the cake.... ;lol

    The Holland and Scotlands games & Pearce Pen redemption really stand out.

    Also a bit like now after the lows of 92 / 94 it was joyous to watch us again.
  • I think the main difference is in 1996 it was being played in England, to me beating Scotland stood out and seeing Pearce score that penalty against Spain left a lasting impression , I like this current England team as its been just about the football and the team no wags/dentist chairs etc

    Thank you
  • And I think the press should take a bow they haven’t been on the teams backs either
  • Cuz1 said:

    And I think the press should take a bow they haven’t been on the teams backs either

    Indeed ;clap
  • The players have done well off the field
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