Summer Transfer Window 2018 - Fredericks signs

And we're underway

Pellegrini's first signing. Welcome Ryan ;wave


  • Good first signing gives us the pace we need in that position
  • I watched a 6 min youtube clip of him. Agressive tackles, pace, can beat players and deliver. Im happy with this one.
  • a signing !
  • Holding the shirt and everything

  • Happy with the signing...he offers energy and pace down the wing and while he this may be a tad risky hes an immediate upgrade over Byram imo
  • Typical Sully signing, Champo player on a free. When are the board going to spend some proper money?

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    OCS, thanks for opening a new 'fred' ;ok

    I've just moved over a couple of posts from the 'rumours' one and tweaked your thread title, as by custom and tradition each new signing gets his own thread. ;scarf
  • Can't say I've seen a lot of him, but it looks pretty clear that he improves us in a position where we have been weak for a good while, so hurrah and welcome, I say.

    I'd like to see Byram maybe get a year loan deal, and then see where he is at next year, which would be the end of Zab's contract.
  • Welcome Frankie ... I mean Ryan ;wink
    A few other PL teams seemed keen so it's 1 up on them.
    Like Grey , have seen little of him but I'm happy he's a hammer!.
  • Like buses we now have 3 RBs after years of this being our weakest position in terms of squad depth.

    I haven’t seen him play but have read comparisons to Kyle Walker, he is apparently crazy quick too which we’ve needed for ages on the right..

    Byram has never convinced me so he may now be moved on.
  • Happy with this signing too young quick aggressive COYI
  • Link to YouTube video?
  • I think one has to conclude this is a sully signing because the player was being courted well before pellegrini arrived.

    That aside though a very promising signing indeed. Let’s hope he makes the impact we had hoped Byram would have.
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    "Welcome. Please don’t be not any good."

    Posted by someone over on Kumb, pretty much sums up my feelings ;biggrin

    (PS I hope this is mild enough to get through the bad language censor)

    (pps - a mod writes - it wasn't. The rule is NO, not some, or mild.)
  • not convinced by this one ,hope he proves me wrong .but have a bad feeling he just might get found out in the prem .having said that welcome and good luck ;scarf
  • steve

    Time will tell, but on a free it seems a bit of a no-brainer to take a chance.
  • I think one has to conclude this is a sully signing because the player was being courted well before pellegrini arrived.

    Unless the tale that we were courting Pellegrini last year is genuine, in which case Pellegrini could have asked the board to get him in the summer.
    McHammer said:

    I watched a 6 min youtube clip of him. Agressive tackles, pace, can beat players and deliver. Im happy with this one.

    I watched him in the Playoff Final and was less than impressed, he was lucky not to get sent off in the first half. Definitely a touch of the Julian Dicks about this one, at least Zaha will have a reason to fall over
  • Steve you may not be convinced but Pellegrini apparently is so I will take his judgement over yours at this stage ;biggrin
  • Looks really good. Zabaleta is one of my favorite players, so mixed feelings.
  • Mc thanks for video... ;ok

    The guy certainly is rapid, but seems to count on it for most of his effectiveness.

    PL defenders will stay of him, he will need a trick and also to improve his crossing.
  • grey ,see your point and hope he does great for us but did we not have to give him a signing on bonus ,anyone know how much that was if not how about a good guess .not sure how that all works with a free agent
  • steve

    He probably did get a golden hello, but then I'd be fairly sure we'd be able to recoup that with a transfer fee if it didn't work out.

    And anyway, he is going to be fantastic for us, and everyone is going to wonder how they missed out on him.
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    Cuz, why do you think he's too young? ;hmm
  • Sorry bubbles read it back should have put a comma next to the too lol meaning I like the signing, Young quick and aggressive
  • I see nothing wrong with him a touch of the Terminator about him!
  • Welcome Fredericks ;ok

    A 50-50 signing IMO. Could be closer to Cresswell, or another Byram. Bit concerned if he has what it takes defensively but it doesn't half help when you're the quickest player on the pitch, in terms of defending & attacking. Can compensate for a lot of limitations if you can sprint back.

    Hopefully not another Jenkinson, who had loads of pace, couldn't defend, & attacking wise was very poor with his end product (although Jenkinson was quite good for the first 6 months under Sam).

    He should learn a lot off Zab.
  • Good signing. Young. Pacey and if it doesn't pay off he has resale value.
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