Build up to World Cup



  • Wow no Sane in the German squad... One of the best players for City this season...

    That decision is absolutely inSane
  • Apparently the reason he hasn't been picked is because he doesn't play the way he plays for Man City when he puts on a German shirt.
  • The same disease Steve McManaman and John Barnes (among plenty of other) had then...

  • Here are the 5 West Ham players representing their countries at the World Cup!

    Mario (kind of)

    Who will go the furthest?

    Sorry Vorse make that 4..
    Edmilson failed to make the final 23 for Switzerland ...

    Lanzini & Argentina for ur question ;ok
  • Jay.. ok not surprised...
  • The biggest Omission?..

  • Not sure Payet is an omission, more an injury. ;hmm
  • Some good players there!

    Just in terms of England, I think Smalling should have gone rather than Jones.
  • Sane’s the strangest because they don’t really have another player like him.

    Fellaini over Naingollan?
  • Yeah not picking Naingollan was a strange one..

    But yeah Sane, I think he is excellent... Wish he was English...
  • Outcast

    Brandt is closest but you’re right, nobody as skillful and direct
  • Brandt did enough to warrant a spot......

    But I don't see why Draxler is there, he's barely played
  • Quality article from the BBC

    Couldn't read beyond this (when talking about Kyle Walker):

    "The Tottenham full-back continued"
  • They heard you and I believe have altered it ;thumbsup
  • Im in so many sweepstakes going to be broke

    Work sweepstake - Got Uruguay + Serbia
    Second Work sweepstake - still waiting to find out
    Outside work friends sweepstake - (only 8 of us so we all took a group each so all of get to the round of 16, i got Group F with Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Iran)

    I just got Peru added to my list.

    These sweepstakes are turning into a sticker book collection

  • Quality article from the BBC

    Couldn't read beyond this (when talking about Kyle Walker):

    "The Tottenham full-back continued"


    Nothing much new there from BBC Sport compared to previous World Cup build ups. Surely Southgate’s job (and any other previous England manager) is to bring a togetherness to the squad, that’s just a simple basic requirement isn’t it?
    As for England’s chances I am refusing to build up much hope, then again i’m sure most of us are? I shall watch England’s matches of course, this is an improvement on my position of a few months back where I was considering not bothering. I am, as we all are looking forward to The World Cup, but as for England I will take it on the chin as it comes.
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    Spot on
  • ;bowdown Will always be my fav player ever
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    Lanzini's injury discussion moved to injury thread ;ok
  • image

    Ye gods Colch, you look so much like Sir Trev ;biggrin
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    Austria v Brazil friendly now on live ...
    Really hope it's not the last time I see Marko play still as a West Ham player.
  • Good old Sam, he’s been on TalkSPITE and asked the question, “who would you play as DM - Henderson or Dier”

    He replied both ;lol

    And also said that a draw against Tunisia would be a good result ;biggrin

  • £1m well spent by the FA imo. ;whistle
  • Respect the point
  • From Twitter:
    The England Football team visited an orphanage in Russia yesterday
    "It's heartbreaking to see their little faces with no hope" said Vladimir, aged 6.
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  • Assistant refs won't flag tight offsides in the WC, so play can carry on, and then VAR can sort it out.

    Think this is a sensible move in terms of VAR:
  • "They were told to keep the flag down when there is a tight offside incident and there could be a very promising attack or a goal-scoring opportunity because if the assistant referee raises the flag then everything is finished," he said.

    Fair enough. I hope this scenario has been trialled elsewhere first though.
  • Spain sack head coach Julen Lopetegui ...
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