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Moorowasmagic Cup - Who's going to the Man U game on Thursday - Attendance guesstimation fun

All you need to do is to predict the attendance of the game and the nearest wins.
The top 12 will form the 2017/18 HOOF, so come along and join the fun by using your skills
and let me know just how many will be at the home game against the mancs and Join the HOOF

The result of Leicester was that swhts sort of won, but didn't make the HOOF this time around being 13 away, so Mrs Grey survives YET another day, AGAIN

Maybe we should rename her "Tiddles the cat" with all those lives .............................. ;whistle

Cuz1 - 0 - H Newcastle
FlorinRaduclious -1 - H Spuds
swhts - 2 - H Swansea
Expat - 2 - H Burnley
CleverTrevor - 3 - H Huddersfield
Mrs Grey - 3 - H Brighton
CleverTrevor - 3 - H Arsenal
CleverTrevor - 3 - H Bournmouth
Mrs Grey - 5 - A Huddersfield
KingHammerAbroad - 6 - A Newcastle
swhts - 6 - H Southampton
Mrs Grey - 8 - H West Brom


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