West Ham vs Man City (H) Match Thread 29/04/2018

I’ve decided to fall on the sword for this game. This is my first ever match thread, so, beginner’s luck perhaps?

There’s going to be a lot of running around for our players. I have both Arnie and Sterling in my FF team, so a 1-1 draw with both scoring please.

I want Chicharito to play but against the champions elect, I’m not sure if that’s the best idea. But then again, we may only get 1 or 2 chances to score, and apart from Arnie, he’s the only one I want having that chance.


  • Adam,
    hope you're better than I am
    100% record ;lol
  • At least Adrian will be in goal

    7 - 0 - 3 formation


    Zabaleta Rice Kouyate Ogbonna Collins Cresswell Masuaku

    (No midfield)

    Hugill. Carroll. Arnie

    Hoof and Hope!!!
  • Ball de Hoof ;ok
  • Yeold, I almost agreed but then I see you have no Noble and no Noble = no points.


    Zabaleta Rice Kouyate Noble Ogbonna Collins Cresswell

    Hugill. Carroll. Arnie
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    Good luck Adam
  • I would play Adrian in goal and the rest parking the bus. ;whistle
  • Are we allowed to brick up the goal?
  • We were one of very few teams to give them a run for their money at the Etihad.

    No reason why we cant do the same on Sunday.

  • Lose, move on... Keep the GD to 2 and we've done ok...

    I watched a bit against Swansea they are in cruise control, have nothing to play for no pressure so all the good players are just having fun.
  • If we don't turn up we forfeit the game and Man City are awarded a 3-0 win.

    For the sake of our goal difference, I'd be sorely tempted... ;hmm
  • A point will be a bonus and hope the other results help.

    Collins - Ogbonna - Rice
    Zabaleta - Noble - Kouyate - Masuaku
    Lanzini - Arnautovic
  • I'd go:

    Francis - Ake - Cook - Daniels
    Ibe - Cook - Surman - Fraser
    Wilson - King

    And hopefully that will be enough for the victory...
  • Referee. Neil Swarbrick
  • Wigan did them by attacking them. Liverpool did them by attacking them (three times). United did them by attacking them (in the second half). If you sit back against City they will just carve you apart like delicious ham. They are vulnerable at the back, and you have to go at them to hope for anything, IMO.

    Adrian; Rice Ogbonna Cresswell; Zabaleta Noble Kouyate Masuaku; Lanzini; Arnie Hernandez

    (I write that same XI on pretty much every match thread and I'm not sure they've ever started together)
  • Adrian
    Rice - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Zabaleta - Lanzini - Noble - Kouyate - Masuaku
    Arnie - Carroll

    Trott, Evra, Cullen, Fernandes, Mario, Chicharito, Hugill

    Direct in this one. Adrian and the back three getting it up to Carroll, midfield sitting deep, hoping between the big man and Arnie we can cause them a few problems and defend like our lives depend on it for the entire 90.

    Not got much hope though. ;puzzled
  • Trouble is despite problems in their defence if we go gung ho and lose the ball our midfield would soon only see the backs of their shirts as they tore towards our goal.
  • I think it needs to be a case of:

    Zabaleta - Kouyate - Rice - Noble - Ogbonna - Lanzini - Cresswell - Masuaku

  • We have a midfield? ;hmm
  • Trouble is despite problems in their defence if we go gung ho and lose the ball our midfield would soon only see the backs of their shirts as they tore towards our goal.


    Noble has the turning pace of a Oil Tanker and Kouyate too undisciplined, we wont see the ball again until Hart mis-kicks in to our own goal...
  • Hart isn't playing and not so rude about our captain please ;wink
  • Pace is so key these days

    Just look at liverpool

    Exceptional front 3 no doubt, but the rest if the team are basically decent players who are very quick and have great engines

    Sadly we dont, which is why i dont think we can hurt city

    Aelrnie arguably can get us up the ptich nad stretch their defence...but our midfield arent getting close to Kdb, Silva gundogan etc

  • Sorry MNLH but Noble looks as if he has his own little patch of sand that follows him around the pitch for him to run in.
  • if he doesn't play we don't get any points so patch of sand or not he is a key player for us. Maybe we need a few more patches of sand?
    Running around (like a headless chicken) isn't all its cracked up to be and anyhow he always makes himself available for other players with the ball and little clue what to do with it ;clap
    I wish that could be said of a few more. Oh, and he knows how to pass (usually). ;bowdown
  • If he does play we don't get points either.
  • Actually the curse of "no Noble" - that we never won without him in the starting line up - was dispelled on the last day of last season when we beat Burnley while he was recovering from surgery. This season we've beaten Huddersfield and West Brom without him in the starting XI although that is against five draws and six losses

    He's a good captain and at times pulls off some excellent passing
  • Merse has it down as 4-0 City and Lawro as 2-0 City.
  • Lawro also has Huddersfield and Southampton to win and palace to get a draw...

  • So 1-1 again......until the last ten minutes when it all goes horribly wrong
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    A sneaky £5 each on 2-0 West Ham @ 28/1 and West Ham to win @ 11/2 ;biggrin
  • that could have been a Happy Meal right there
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