Hammer of the Year, etc


I couldn't decide between Lanzini and Arnie so I voted for Oggy instead, he deserves at least some recognition of his effort this season

Arnie is obviously signing of the year

I went for Obiang's goal because he's not a natural goal scorer, he had players closing him down and it was against Spurs


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    Arnie was my signing of the year ;ok

    Am still pondering the others.
  • Haven`t voted. But can I just say, having watched the little videos at the top of each voting page, what an absolutely stonking season this has been. Cracking goals, heroic performances and pass and move football to rival Barcelona. Count me out next season. I`m not putting myself through 38 games of mediocrity. The heartache, the frustration, the humiliation, the nerve shredding angst. I`m not spending another minute hunched over a stop/start dodgy stream with pop ups for all types of unmentionables, I`m not giving Now TV/Sky another penny of my hard earned. I`m going to venture out into the World, live life a little. And at the end of next season I`ll pop onto the official site, not to read Nobles/Carrolls/Collins latest call to arms, but to revel in the finest ten minutes of football West Ham have played all season. All encapsulated in ten minutes of glorious, technicolor splendiferousness. West Ham look goooooooooood. ;scarf
  • Player: Ogbonna

    Goal: Ogbonnas winner against Spurs (League Cup and probably the highlight of the season for me)

    Signing: Arnie
  • Joe hart ;whome
  • I went into the votes thinking that I would pick some different players, but I ended up going for Arnie HOTY and signing of the year, and his goal against Southampton as goal of the season.

    I strongly considered Mark Noble for HOTY. He was absolutely slaughtered by fans earlier in the season, but he has got through it and been a part of most of the good we have done this year. I also thought about Rice, Ogbonna and Masuaku.

    Also, SURELY there must have been some footage of each of the players actually doing something. There was half a dozen who just walked onto the pitch, or celenrated and that was it.
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    Arnie for Hammer of the Year (Ogbonna runner up for me)
    Arnie for Signing of the Year
    Arnie vs Chelsea for Goal of the Year - purely because of 1) it's significance for both him as a player for us and in the context of our season (first win under Moyes etc), 2) it was also a nice bit of play between several players and 3) it was the winner against Chelsea.
  • Alderz - the footage for Carroll is him on a beach
  • New for next season, a guess the beach competition?
  • Hard not to pick Arnie for HOTY

    Where would we be without his goals

    Ogbonna has been good...but we have the 2nd worst defence in the league...i know its not his fault or his error but hard to pick our best player in a defence that is normally pretty laughable

    Just want this season to be over
  • I've seen a lot of people say they want the season over, and tbh I do agree in a lot of ways. BUT there have been some positives this season.

    We've been watching one of the most exciting players I've ever seen at the club in Marko Arnautovic. We've seen the emergence of a genuine star from our academy for the first time in a long time in Declan Rice. We didn't lose to Chelsea (the reigning champions, btw) over the season. We knocked Spurs out of the league cup. We're probably going to stay up.

    It's not been a good season, it's fallen far short of our hopes and expectations, but there have been at least a few good things.
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    Alderz, glass half full ;ok ;biggrin
  • My glass is half full ;ok Should have kept it in the fridge though, gone a little rancid.
  • Hoty. Mark Noble
    Goal. Pedro Obiang v Spuds
    Signing. Arnie
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    yoyo said:

    BBC showing Premier teams that have awarded their player of the year. Who's ours? to be honest I can't see the list being that massive!

    Arnie with rice a close second
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    Garth Crooks

    Mark Noble: How can West Ham fans name Marko Arnautovic their player of the season? Surely it has to be Mark Noble.

    In one of the most difficult seasons West Ham have had in the Premier League, it was Noble who assured the fans when they lost their heads that with their help all would be well. He has never shirked a game, a tackle or an interview, and against Leicester - when you needed a big man to match the occasion - it was 'Mr West Ham' who came to the rescue and won the points.

    There is only one player of the season for me at West Ham and that is Mark Noble.
  • Which is why Garth Crooks is Garth Crooks...
  • Garth Crooks

    He has never shirked a game, a tackle or an interview[...]
    I did particularly like that line though, for including interviews.
  • Yeah Garth but where was that performance for other 35 games?
  • I'm not sure how he voucher shirk a game but I certainly don't count the ability or willingness to give an interview a criterium for HOTY.
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