West Ham vs Chelsea (A) Match Thread 8.04.2018

Its all about Momentum right. So lets get this up nice and early to continue the momentum.

Next up our opponents are the Chelsea boys, one of the few times we may be able to do a double over someone this season.

The Boys in Blue want Champions League football next season.
The Boys in Claret and Blue want Premier League football next season.

Its a London Derby. Its still all to play for.


  • I think many of the 'boys in blue' want either a new manager or to be away from the club. Hopefully, Spurs Chelsea will be awash with red, yellow and injuries. A defensive display from us, with a breakaway goal for 1-1. Optimism rules brilliantly ok ;wink
  • Hope so
    Kuckinghammer ;ok
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    Rice - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Zabaleta - Kouyate - Noble - Masuaku
    Mario - Fernandes

    Hopefully with Lanzini and Chicharito to return to the bench.
  • Same as lukerz, none of the XI deserve to be dropped

    Need to have that energy we showed so that we can compete

    This chelsea side isnt great, and if thry lose to spurs they may already be too far from the top 4 (with Liverpool and United pretty comfortable)

    Apart from Hazard and occasionly Willian this Chelsea team doesnt really inspire,and for all of contes strengths he is being slated for being tactically inflexible as he refuses to switch the formation to add creativity

    Will probably lose but can possibly see some.snatch and grab points if we play like we did against them in our home game
  • We need to reserve a seat for Barry Fry at every match and we will win all home games. This is what he said: "I have always loved West Ham and have been to the stadium eight times and never seen them lose".
  • Lukerz said:

    Rice - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Zabaleta - Kouyate - Noble - Masuaku
    Mario - Fernandes

    Hopefully with Lanzini and Chicharito to return to the bench.

    I agree. I genuinely think we could do well against them. They really aren't that great and we can cause them problems at the back if we go at them like we did to Southampton. Imo we can put them on the back foot for a lot of this game.
  • Ref appointed:
    Kevin Friend.
  • After Spurs you would think that Chelsea will be at 110%...

    But I have a feeling that we may get a draw.
  • Nah they will be down in the pits. Good time to bury them!
  • They are on the beach until fa cup, so 4-0 to them then
  • Lawro says 2-0
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    There is a massive difference between playing Southampton at home and playing Chelsea away. If the players can put in a shift like they did against Southampton and Chelsea have an off day we could do well to come out of this with a point; but I don't expect to be doing the Stoke thread next week as I don't see Chelsea losing back to back derby's at home. Especially when the pressure for their top 4 push is well and truly on. They cant afford to lose or draw another game now until the end of the season if they want to stand a chance.
  • Tbf their top four push is over
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    Spurs play Stoke tomorrow so Chelsea most likely will be 11 points behind them by Sunday and any hope of the Top 4 is reliant on Spurs messing up.

    An away win is unlikely but not impossible and I wouldn't be surprised by a cheeky draw
  • I also believe conte has resigned to leaving and almost given up with his body language, so I’m confident and will have £20 on us at 9/1 and might have five or ten on 2-1 at 33/1 with sky betting
  • I have 11/1 from Bill Hill
  • I got a fiver on Spieth in the golf
  • In the Standard Moyes says that Lanzini will not be ready.
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    After the Southampton game I had a really good feeling about this one. Andy Carroll will rise, Lazarus-like, from the bench to add a second half hat trick to the one scored by Arnautovic in the first half. Hugill will chip in with a brace. 0-6, 0-8, the possibilities are endless.

    No? Me neither. This has loss written all over it.
  • My worry is Hart, assuming he plays.

    He made a meal of the very little he had to do against Soton.
  • Well he might want to put on a good impression for his future employer - wasn’t there a rumour at some point that Chelsea were interested in him?
  • baracks

    I'm sure he wants to play well every game, but his form this year has been sub PL standard, imo.
  • Match day ;wahoo ;stout
  • coyi
  • Apparently the last time we did the double over Chelsea was 2002/3 and we know what happened that season.
    I'll settle for a draw.
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