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Tamper-gate (Those naughty Aussie cricketers...)

Enough comments to merit its own thread.


  • Aussies look suspiciously like they've been caught ball tampering in a not very subtle way
  • Well didn’t they send all the criminals to Australia years ago and now coming back to bite us
  • Cuz1 said:

    Well didn’t they send all the criminals to Australia years ago and now coming back to bite us

    Er actually some went of their own freewill ;ok
  • On prison ships ? I get some went my parents did
  • I mean yes in was a penal colony at first but as agriculture became less profitable, more people emigrated as free citizens as my Dads Uncle did before WW1.
  • as long ago as that didn’t realise they went that far back
  • Aussies look suspiciously like they've been caught ball tampering in a not very subtle way

    Be interesting to see how long a ban Smith gets.
  • And he says he isn't going to step down as captain!

    Despite admitting it:

    How can he possibly imagine he is a suitable person to be captain now?
  • Blatant cheating and probably done it before and don’t believe the coach didn’t know or wasn’t aware of it award the test and ban the whole team for three tests
  • Absolutely disgraceful behaviour from the Aussies, Bancroft and Smith should get proper bans not demerit points that may lead to a 1 match ban. This was premeditated cheating, nothing less.
  • I love the bit here by Shane Warne where he say "A lot of the Australian sides I played in never did anything like that".

    Surely that suggests that he's admitting some of the sides he played in DID do stuff like that. ;hmm
  • Also why has Darren Lehman wrote to the South African Cricket Board about some things that have been said to their players by the crowd?

    Is this the same Darren Lehman who asked the whole of Australia to sledge Stuart Broad and make him cry just because during the series before Broad had the temerity to not walk?

    Australia can give it the biggun but now can't take it. ;lol
  • edited March 2018
    Smith and Warner have, quite rightly imo, stepped down
  • One test suspension is so wrong for blatant cheating
  • Not to mention the three demerit points.
  • That's the ICC. I reckon Cricket Australia will give him a much bigger penalty and not just him.
  • Being castled for a paltry 107 can’t have helped the baggy green spirits either

  • The icc should have banned then for two years it’s cheating plain and simple if you drug cheat you get two years no difference to me cheating to try gain an advantage grow a spine icc and ban him and the vile Warner at the same time
  • I read somewhere that in 2005 a fair amount of research went into which type of mint would be best for shining the ball by England in advance of the Ashes. The ball shiner in chief I believe was Trescothick. He along with others were lauded as heroes and MBE’s followed. Not in any way defending Smith and co, however there will be numerous past examples of players trying to gain an advantage by questionable means.
  • That is using saliva, that is not the same as having a meeting to discuss ball tampering, deciding to actually do it, then getting the youngest player in the team, Bancroft is 8 tests into his career, to carry out the act.

    Then after seeing it actually happen on the big screen, someone from the balcony sends a message to Peter Handscomb to come onto the pitch and tell Bancroft that he has been seen. He then hides the tape in his pants and then blatantly lies to Umpires saying he only has a piece of cloth in his pocket, all under the watchful eyes of Smith, the captain.
  • Not only did Bancroft show the umpires an empty 'soft' glasses case, he wasn't even wearing sunglasses. ;whistle
  • Cricket Australia should rid him and warner from the team and if proved the coach as well, to listen to the Aussie commentator cry whilst broadcasting says it all to me
  • Preston

    I personally think it is form of trying to gain an unadvantage by questionable means. Maybe they should ban taking sweets onto the field - I see no reason other than trying to induce an advantage why you would need to tale sweets anyway
  • A one ban test is criminal for what they have done, players get banned for YEARS for fixing and bringing the game into disrepute. They should both be banned from cricket for more than one test. A year at least.
  • The one test ban is the ICC stipulated punishment for ball tampering. The Australian Cricket Board have the power to do what they want.
  • Good a year or two for me nothing less
  • Make the punishment equal match-fixing, frisk players before they go out to field, and have VAR to spot infringements immediately. Red card. Ball-tampering ends. The ICC have missed a big chance to clean up cricket (but sports bodies are not known for their intelligence.)
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