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Dagenham v West Ham Match Thread WATCH LIVE!!

There's a friendly tonight. The players who aren't on international duty will be getting game time, and Dagenham will be coining it in (hopefully).

Line up? ;biggrin


  • Loss all over it ;whistle
  • Let's hope no one get's injured.
  • We need to smash them .............................sorry thought it was the saints match ;biggrin
  • Least it’s for a good cause though and gives us some match practise
  • which we need Cuz ;whistle
  • Cuz1 said:

    Least it’s for a good cause though and gives us some match practise

    Yup......there’s been a bit too much match losing practice for mr lately ;wink
  • Quite a crowd in the local. Must be deperate for a win ;wink
  • image


    That's a bit more desperate that #SaveOurSeason
  • Just read where a fan is in charge of them tonight maybe one of us should have a go for us as well
  • Good to see Arthur getting some match fitness.

    Apparently he's off to join up with DRC later in the week and might get another game with them.
  • Just came to post that!! ;wahoo
  • Is Moyes there?
  • How we playing?
  • 0-2 at the moment

    Antonio x2
  • Follow the link above and you can watch!

    1-0 up, Antonio goal.
  • And an injury to Collins to help matters...
  • edited March 21
    2-0 Antonio again. My laptop has crashed under the weight of excitement. ;lol
  • Hugill is hopeless but they have played Alfie Lewis who I"ve never heard of who is very good midfielder and Holland has performed well.
  • Hugill opens is account. Anthony Scully was another classy youngster of whom I had never heard. Watch out for him and Alfie Lewis.
  • Can’t believe we judging hugill on a total of 102 minutes of football, glad we giving him a chance
  • I've said it for a long time but Josh Paske is one of our finest prospects. He had another good game tonight.

    Having watched the youngsters, the two players that always stood out for me was Rice (obviously now being a first teamed) and Paske who seemed not far behind Rice in terms of quality when the two played together.

    Ben Johnson has improved nicely and grown in confidence as this season has gone on.

    Holland has a lot of potential but has just came back from a bad injury so I would expect it may take him a while to find his stride again.
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