Would Arnie make a good team captain (assuming he stays)

I know Mark Noble is captain, and would bleed claret and blue, but do you think our Arnie would make a goid captain ;thumbsup


  • 100%
    And we need a new skipper for next season as noble i feel is ready for the championship and hopefully not with us!!!
  • He won’t leave us imo
  • No, I don't think he would make a good captain, personally.

    I also think that anyone who doesn't want Noble at the club probably shouldn't equally bleat on about the history of the club and not changing our identity. It's one thing to want him to be replaced in the starting XI, but it's another (ridiculous, imo) thing entirely to want him gone from the club.
  • Every dog has his day
  • A West Ham through and through and you want rid macca I’m intrigued
  • He’s to young to go on the coaching staff he’s still got a few years of footy left
    Imo he’s starting to struggle now at this level it’s not his fault that’s just getting older
  • When we were in better form around the middle of the season it was, I feel, widely agreed that he was performing as our best CM. So to say he’s past it is unfair and inaccurate imo.
  • In my original message I wasn’t suggesting for one moment that Mark was got rid off. Only that as he possibly played less games, another captain might be a good idea. I think Mark will end up coaching in some capacity, but not yet.
  • Arnautovic wasn't captain at Stoke or Werder Bremen and he's not been captain for Austria so there's absolutely no way of knowing if he could handles the extra pressure without it affecting his own game.
  • Mark is our captain and a good one at that, there is no vacancy so move along now nothing to see here.
  • Mark is our captain and a good one at that, there is no vacancy so move along now nothing to see here.

    Quite surprised you’d say that, to be honest.
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