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Fonte sold to Chinese Club

According to the Daily star Fonte sold to Chinese Club with immediate effect!


  • 5.5m apparently another pointless signing XD
  • edited February 2018
    He was brought in as cover for Ogbonna having knee surgery and being out for the 2nd half of the season.

    You can call it pointless in hindsight, but there was a point to it at the time.

    It does, though, highlight the issue with signing players to cover for injury.

    Also highlights an issue of players wanting to get selected for the World Cup, so making decisions based on the need to be sure of getting games.
  • If true, it also suggests that Moyes has confidence in Declan Rice.
  • 65k a week in wages freed up and we get a fee plus Fonte get a nice final pay day
  • To be honest I did think he would be a good signing for us ,but never worked out ,injure did not help .having said that never saw this move coming . but good luck to him
  • At the time I thought it was an excellent signing but in hindsight he never got going. Thought him and Reid would be an excellent pairing in a back two. He did excel in the back three with Ogbonna and either Collins/Reid towards the end of last season when we won a few games and kept several clean sheets. This season I thought he was one of our best defenders until he got injured (not hard), but this decision does make sense.

    At his age, and we also have no way of knowing if he is going to not suffer a recurrence of the injury again. He hasn't played since returning from it so an element of risk from the new club he's joining. Hopefully now we can look to get the average age of the defence down a bit. As MrsG says, Rice is certainly capable of stepping into his squad place. Reid, Ogbonna, Collins and Rice should be more than enough although Collins will need replacing soon.

    But any kind of money for a player of his age makes it a no-brainer. Providing it's true. Only in the Daily Record at the moment.
  • Pointless signing?

    So, at the time, we didn't need a decent CD with current PL experience?

    He was effectively short-term cover.

    If we've managed to move him on and get a fee, it's all good, imo.

    Think realistically we could only have kept one of Fonte or Ginge for next season, and would much prefer Ginge to be the one to stay.
  • we paid way over the odds for a Southampton defender that didnt do very much. If they wanted short term take a loan or even better actually invest in a quality CB or take a punt on the youth.
  • The same Fonte that won Euro 2016 ? I think many people thought he was a decent signing at the time, hindsight is a wonderful thing
  • Some good business imo 5.5M for a 34Yo...

    if we have to keep an old CB would much rather it was Collins.

    Gives space for Rice to play.

  • I think that’s paving the way for a signing in the summer. Someone who is early to mid twenties. It’s a recognition that we need to bring in younger centre backs (obviously we already have Rice), so that we aren’t stuck with just Rice and 31-35 year olds in a year or two.

    Possibly Mawson?

    Also I’m guessing it was a choice between Collins and Fonte as to who stayed. So, I expect Collins to stay next year.
  • Another player sullied by Sullivan.
  • horsham

    I have no idea what that is meant to mean. ;puzzled
  • edited February 2018
    Is this confirmed ?.
    This does not sound right to me...
    But if it transpires, fair enough..
  • horsham

    I have no idea what that is meant to mean. ;puzzled

    A player his kids begged him not to sign, remember?
  • But he did.

  • MrsGrey said:

    But he did.

    That's true. Fonte wasn't very happy about the criticism though, was he?

  • The same Fonte that won Euro 2016 ? I think many people thought he was a decent signing at the time, hindsight is a wonderful thing

    if we could dig up the thread of when he first signed...
  • edited February 2018
    I can't tell if the article means 'signing for 5.5m' or 'the deal is worth 5.5m' to Fonte (wages, signing on fee etc). Think it might be the latter.
  • Yeold

    Seems like you were the lone dissenting voice:
  • I googled him earlier and there are a few papers reporting it, and it seems that it is a £4.9m sale
  • Did his bit. As Lukerz posted he was playing well when he got injured. If we get £5m then it works out as a £3m loan deal. Good business.
  • One can only assess whether it is a good deal when one sees how the freed up wages are actually utilised. Time will tell.
  • baracks

    imo, if it goes through as reported, it's a good deal, regardless.

  • I must be one of the few that thought Fonte would be an awful signing.

    An awful signing he was!
  • Makes a lot of sense to me, and sets us up for a window to correct the one that set us back two years ago when we could have pushed on after the Payet season. We could enter the summer with a new talisman in Arnie as an out and out striker, Mani being utilised even better than before and due to recent sales we have freed up wages from Ayew, Fonte and Sakho and only taken on Hugnil who I imagine is not being paid too much. So we should be able to go into the summer with a decent sized wallet and space in the squad and wages.

    Ever the optimist.
  • Fonte IMO is not our worse CB...
    But each 2 their own..
  • baracks

    imo, if it goes through as reported, it's a good deal, regardless.

    I don’t agree

    When we sold Rio it might have sounded good to some - £18m was a lot of money back then

    However when it was not clear (except perhaps to Terence Brown) where the money actually went and we ended up with Rigobert Song as a replacement the picture changes somewhat

    I know in the case of Rio most would have been very unhappy, however I still stand by the point of only truly being able to judge whether the grass is greener without Fonte when we know what the extra wage capacity will be used for. What if we say go on to sign Jagielka as a replacment?
  • Fonte IMO is not our worse CB...
    But each 2 their own..

    Out of curiosity, who do you think is our worst CB?
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