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Patrice Evra signing confirmed

Breaking on the BBC web site that we are about to sign Patrice Evra. I think we need him like we need a kick in the head!


  • Ex whu employee saying we are close to signing evra on a free
  • I love this game.
  • Me to MrsGrey I’m sure if true the fans would really warm to him
  • Unless he kicks one in the head like his last club ;wahoo
  • Not sure I believe this, but it would be very West Ham to cover a player who is banned for six games by signing one who is banned for four months ;lol
  • He can (according to reports) play in the Pl.
  • Evra lolololol
    How old is he!
  • MrsGrey said:

    He can (according to reports) play in the Pl.

    Can he?


    Attacking fans carries a pretty lenient punishment nowadays.
  • edited February 6
    Only going on what I read (in reasonably credible meeja) OCS - the ban applies to uefa club competitions only? (I guess uefa don't have unlimited jurisdiction).
  • If we sign him, i'm joining the march lol
  • edited February 6
    So, Evra eh? Let’s run him through the West Ham checklist

    1) Free - check
    2) well past his prime - check
    3) for a position that we don’t actually need filling - check
    4) “slightly troubled” - check

    Ok, great that’s all the formalities gone through, when does he start?
  • Hang on baracks, doesn't he have to be pre injured ;hmm
  • edited February 6
    I think West Ham is the best place for him - if he tried to run over to our fans to attack them, he’d pull up injured before he got anywhere close
  • Lots of twits on twitter linking us with Evra. Sure he is banned til June...
  • Evra is only banned from European football so can play normal league games
  • edited February 6
    Maybe something in it then. Worked with Moyes before.
  • Oh dear ;nonono
  • Apparently this all stems from him being at the training ground today, so it could just be one of those quite common cases where an unattached payers asks their old gaffer for a favour to try to stay fit.
  • We won't tolerate common sense posts on here Mrs G. ;wink
  • ;nonono when will this all end
  • All we need now is Nasri and job done
  • Can you believe Nasri is only 30? I was sure he was at least a couple of years older than that
  • No match action for 4 months?

  • edited February 6
    The worst thing is for me that the club don't see what sort of negative reaction this could cause after an underwhelming transfer window. It's as if they don't care.
    It's almost an up yours to a section of the fan base if this is true
  • edited February 6
    Zab on the right. Evra on the left. Maybe Beckenbauer and Gandalf as centre backs.
  • I suppose sponsorship form a zimmerframe manufactuer would help. We will have to oldest and the slowest defence in EPL. Why are we signing him? Is Cresswell or Rice injured? Even if they are the international break will help with recuperation unless the injury is serious. We know Arthur will be back in another four games. Besides, Evra will need to get match fitness and that will take a while. Can't see the sense in this signing. May be it is just a rumour from a journo trying to get his/her next pay cheque.
  • About as inspiring as an uninspiring thing I’ve ever seen and a further kick in the teeth for me,
  • Just do not see the point of signing him. Makes no sense. By the time he’s fit Arthur will be back. We have five CB’s plus Cresswell. What is he going to bring?
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