Embarrassing social media from WHUFC (or an unofficial Facebook page)

Just saw this for the Spanish (Facebook) speaking WHUF followers. It’s just so weird and cringeworthy:

Un día, un hombre de apellido Tomkins se acercó a Chichadios para pedirle una nueva cintura.
Chichadios lo miró piadosamente y le dijo con voz suave: "te concederé ese milagro, hijo mío".
El resto es historia...


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    ;puzzled what's that? Where did you see it?
  • Does it rely on knowledge of Spanish idioms? Some play on 'cintura'?

    Between my vague Spanish and Google, it just comes out as not very funny (or indeed interesting.)
  • West Ham set up a facebook page in Spanish, for the Mexicans Chicharito fans. I speak Spanish so joined, wish I didnt! The Mexicans dared them to repost in English on the main page, they saw it as embarrassing also.
  • Well this is surprising considering how well the club is being run.
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    Have you got a link for it, ianbishop? I'd be interested to have a look.

    Is it actually official? There's no link to it that I can see from the main FB page, nor does it appear in the club's list of 'liked sites'.

    This article says nothing about a separate page, just that some content in Spanish is posted on the main page but geo-targeted. https://digiday.com/marketing/west-ham-fc-targets-spanish-speaking-fans/

    On the main WHU web site (not FB) there is a link to a Spanish section of the website http://www.whufc.com/es/noticia but even from there, the FB link is just to the normal English FB page.

    Having said that, the digital content has at times been poor. Although it has got a lot better lately.

  • For non speaking Spanish people lol what’s it say
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    One day, a man named Tomkins approached Chichadios to ask for a new waist.
    Chichadios looked at him piously and said in a soft voice: "I will grant you this miracle, my son".
    The rest is history
  • I don’t like the fact they are taking the mick out of Tompkins. Think he deserves more respect from thr club.
  • Is it genuine?!
  • Can you post the link ibl as I cant find it?
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    Also this really annoys me, it annoyed me on the old 606, his name is Tomkins, there is no P in his name.
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    On FB you can select the language you require so there is no 'Spanish' FB as such. If I set my language to Spanish the comments appear in English but there is a 'Translate' button which translates into Spanish.
    There may be another way but I'm not au fait (that's French) with it.

    I cant find any Tomkins references.
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    au fait ;lol

    I tried the language switch too, Herb, with the same results. ;ok

    Although you can post comments and share articles in other languages.
  • Thing is I switched to Spanish then struggled to get back to English as I don't know Spanish. ;doh
  • So what is the actual joke?
  • It’s a separate Facebook page to the normal one. I don’t have a link. It was set up a couple of weeks after we signed the Mexican.
  • I doubt it’s official.
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    It shows a video of Tomkins falling on his backside.
  • That's not an official site.
  • Thread closed as no evidence that is a genuine West Ham account.
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