• Interesting glimpse of how these things work:
    “Our semi-professional scout Mark Dorado initially spotted Oladapo and he, one of our full-time Academy scouting team Brad Farmer, Terry and myself all went to watch him in person on a number of occasions,” said Hunt.

    “The reports we had received proved to be accurate, as he did really well when we saw him play. He is quick, likes to run in behind and knows where the goal is."
  • Welcome, young man. ;scarf
  • Theres another young lad at Warrington who I think the scouts should be looking at. Seen him play the Fleet twice and is mustard.
  • I`m not being funny, but after the Tony Henry racist fiasco, was someone tasked this morning with finding a footballer with the most African sounding name imaginable just to bolster our inclusivity cred. Made me smile anyways. Good luck young man.
  • Welcome aboard young man.

  • Sounds like a lad with potential. Good that he knows players here already too. Easier to settle in and blossom
  • Welcome and good luck young man got potential they saying
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