Jordan Hugill. A new family member, welcome.



  • I can’t wait to see Arnie, Jordan and Antonio upfront together. That’s a really powerful all round forward line. Gives us another dimension we were lacking.
  • For me he will not be a prolific scorer, big men seldom are.

    His effectiveness will be primarily judged on his ability to hold up play and lay off.

    Secondary will be his running and work off the ball, is he mobile is he tenacious etc.

    If we can get him to work with Hernandez who needs someone to play off it could bear fruit.
  • Grey, We'll have to agree to disagree at this present time but I'll give him time as theres been injuries and other stuff in consideration but for me its been abit too "Allardycey" (?)( ;lol) but he has to go with whatever he feels comfortable doing so I'll reserve any absolute judgement till the end of the season once everything's played out, players have returned from injury, etc.
  • Our attacking play, ball retention and defensive structure under Moyes has been better than anything we saw under Bilic (nb without Payet), IMO.

    I think he could make us into a really good side if we can get a few more players fit.
  • I don`t know why, but this signing excites me. I have a funny feeling that he`s going to be a rip roaring success. ;footie
  • ;hmm we can all convince ourselves ,and good luck to him, behind him all the way .but a part of me thinks we got him for the championship next season after we go down hope im wrong on that one .oh by the way I also convinced myself that I don't drink to much ;whistle
  • This is a thread to welcome the new lad.

    Just saying.
  • It’s being reported on the radio that he’s being slaughtered by West Ham fans on social media before he’s even kicked a ball.
    Is it any wonder we struggle to sign players with “fans” like some of ours.
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    ;doh thorn .. makes me laugh*. Those same 'fans' are the first to trot out the line that Sully, Tony Henry.. whoever they have a downer on at any particular time... is embarrassing our club.

    No doubt (as with booing) they will claim they are entitled to an opinion and have a right to free speech. And no doubt they are proud of themselves that they are the news.

    I would say to them - just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

    They are quick enough to play the blame game about whose fault it is we haven't signed X, Y or Z. Maybe they should shut up for a minute and look at themselves.

    HopefulIy the player has enough sense to know that those who shout loudest aren't necessarily representative.

    *and not in a funny ha ha way
  • Those same fans will be cheering the loudest when he starts banging them in. I don't know if he will be any good but he's here now, let's see what he can do.
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    It just shows the standard we have slipped to that we think Hugill may be a good signing compared to keeping Sakho.

    Just like we managed to keep Payet then
    Neither wanted to be here so we're better off without
  • Expat
    My point was made afterward - we should be aiming for better than Sakho - and that doesnt just mean any footballer who will wear the shirt and turn up. I was making a point about quality. ;ok
  • Talking of Payet, a new song for Hugill

    We`ve got Hugill
    Jordan Hugill
    I just don`t think you understand
    He`s David Moyes man
    He ain`t no African
    We`ve got Jordan Hugill

  • Thought not...........................
  • I think this is what you are looking for ;yercoat
  • Can't wait to see what he brings to the team, really interesting signing.
  • Very interesting story, it would be great to see him make it.
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    Madcap, since the name Hugill originates from Old Norse, change it to "but he ain't no Norseman".
    Far less controversial, and I think you should have known better.
  • The following is a version that was sent to me

    We’ve got Hugill
    Jordan Hugill
    I just don’t think you understand
    We’ve trimmed the wages bill
    He will play when Carroll’s ill
    We’ve got Jordon Hugill

    Think you know the tune

    Well it made me laugh

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    Putting aside all the other business that we did or didn’t do, I am quite happy with this signing. Signing hungry, young(ish), motivated players, ready to prove themselves on the highest stage, is always a risk but with the potential for great reward.

    His goal-scoring record for PNE is largely irrelevant. He’s a target man, and target men are usually less prolific, because they often bring a lot more to the team than just grabbing 20 goals a season. They often pick up a reasonable amount of assists, win a lot of set-plays and distract players from team-mates by occupying opposition defences. If Hugill can put himself about to the extent where Mario, Antonio, Lanzini, Arnautovic and Chicharito, to name a few, can then acquire that extra yard of space in and around the box, then that’s good news. It’s also vital, with Andy out, that we have that slightly different type of striker so that crosses into the box and set plays become more threatening for us.

    Secondly, with all due respect to PNE, he’s going to be surrounded by better players. He’s going to have better delivery, better service, a better quality of pass and those things can bring a player, who appears to be not the most prolific, and his ability to score on dramatically.

    He’s not a punt either. Moyes will know all about him. We’ve spent a rumoured £9m on him. Whilst not the most expensive fee it’s hardly peanuts. No signing should be a punt, they should all be well scouted, well analysed and well considered. We’ve decided that he’s worth spending £9m on and handing a 4.5 year deal. We obviously see him as a first team player, with maybe a slightly different coaching team, different players and different supply.

    I hope he does well. If he can bring some of the attibutes that Carroll had but actually manage to play a run of games, that would be great. It’s important though that we get the service right. Taking the easy option when he’s in the side won’t get the best out of him or us.

    Hopping he could be a bit of a Rickie Lambert. Good luck. ;ok
  • But he doesn't have high ratings on Fifa 18
  • Throw him in with little pe a v Brighton. If he can make things happen in the box the Hernandez will pick up th scraps

    Really looking forward though to him hooking up with Arnie and Lanzini plus Mario. His record on paper might not be outatandIng, however he will have never played with players anywhere near their quality before
  • I want to see him, Arnie, and AC all on the pitch at the same time in a sort of battering ram formation, smashing defences.
  • 5-2-3
    I like it ;ok
  • I want to see him, Arnie, and AC all on the pitch at the same time in a sort of battering ram formation, smashing defences.

    Koyoute and Antonio joining them just behind...and Sam Byram to take out anyone that dares take possession of them

  • I’ll go and get the nurse........
  • Well he will need better service than we’ve been giving apart from last few games but I’m somewhat confident with this signing don’t know why probably because he’s being written off and I’m sick to death of humble pie so good luck Jordan welcome aboard hit the ground running with a early goal and maybe just maybe you could become a cult hero
  • I would wish him all the very best ,,, hope he is like Alan Taylor
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