Jordan Hugill. A new family member, welcome.



  • Oh, ;lol

    As you might deduce, me and grey were just talking about it.
  • Jorderz

    I posted this in the transfer window page but as your comment has been moved thought I would repost.

    He is now a West Ham player and I would want any player to do well for the club and if he does become the next Dean Ashton then great.

    My view though is that we signed a player who has played for not one decent team and has an average record in the championship. He is not going to compete with any of the players already at West Ham for a place in my view and I dont see how he could have been scouted for very long or we would have gone for him early in the transfer window. We must have had money spare as we had money for Carvalho in the last window but messed up the signing.

    If you think about it with the money we did not spend on Carvalho and the money from the sale of Ayew our board could have gone for a much better player but the board must be rubbing their hands together and congratulating each other on the money they are making for themselves.

    The fact we have a paper thin squad doesn't matter to them it seems. The 17 richest club buying mediocre players from Preston how absolutely fantastic.
  • I wish him well, and hope he will be successful with us.
    He will be a squad player at best.
    I'm just concerned that we are shopping at Preston in the first place - or is that 'the next level' ?
    I'm a bit ;hmm
  • Like most people I thought 'who' when I heard about it but I think it's positive. You can guarantee that he'll be hungry & will run his heart out for us,which is more than you can say about Sakho. Good luck & welcome.
  • I don't know anything about Jordan Hugill and had not heard of him before. But he wears the WHU shirt and I will support him and wish him well. He has journeyed from lower leagues and must be determined and hungry and deserves support. Not sure why some people are already so negative. How many times have we seen expensive signings flop (Boogers, Barrera, Nsereko, McCarthy, Tore)? Big signings don't always ensure success. I am sure that Moyes (if he is here for the long haul) will sign flops, like other managers do, but on balance more of his signings will be good than bad.
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    I see what you mean, yet others ask 'why don't we take a chance on hungry Championship players?'

    As someone pointed out, Sakho came rom a lower league French side.

    In the end, I don't think it matters where the player comes from, if he can show he has the requisite ability.
  • A lot of people were on here saying we should go for hungry players in the Champo but when we do it's suddenly turned around to buying on the cheap.
    It worked for Leicester with Vardy so why not us.
  • thorn

    Funny enough... ;wink
  • Ian Wright/Peter Crouch/James Vardy/Les Ferdinand all came from Non League and worked their way up , I think he will be hard working and a handful creating space and chances for Hernandez and hopefully working the channels like Sakho used to.
  • Grey
    I will reiterate that I wish him well for us.
    But every Championship player who comes to a PL club will be 'hungry' by definition or they shouldnt be signed- all of his dreams will have come true. It doesnt guarantee any sort of success for us. He's never played against premiership standard defences from what i can see - even in the Cup
    He's cheap and available - ticks all the boxes in this window
    I'm underwhelmed to the max.

    I will also bet a Curly Wurley that he is moved on within 18 months.
  • Just because his scoring record isn't great does n't mean he is not a good player. Harry Kane record on loan was pretty average it was only when he started playing with better players he started scoring for fun. Lets hope he is more Kane than Dowie
  • Thorn I think it's because nobody on this site knew who he was

    I mean he isn't in the top 10 goalscorers in the championship, so it's not like we are going after the very top talent possible

    And I don't think it helps him that hes one of only 2 incomings

    It a risky deal there is no doubt about it, but you're right he may be the next Jamie Vardy...or he might not

    Wouldn't say the reaction has been negative to the guys though with almost everyone wishing him luck.... its more been towards the board that he's the only permanent signing we made this window
  • bbb

    Time will tell.

    I'm happier to have him available than have a sulky Sakho unavailable.

    (Footnote: I have, on several occasions said I thought Sakho was our best all round striker in terms of ability, but since for over a year he has not chosen to show that ability, it means, to me, he was effectively worthless.)
  • Welcome
    Go for it kid we are all behind you
  • 4 and a half year contract suggests to me Moyes has a lot of faith in this guy, will have to see how he does. Brighton an ex-champo team would be a good starter for him I imagine to come off the bench from.
  • It just shows the standard we have slipped to that we think Hugill may be a good signing compared to keeping Sakho.
    Very poor IMO - Sakho should not be the standard we are measuring ourselves by - available or unavailable - we should be looking to constantly improve by buying players with pedigree from the top leagues, and meeting the asking prices or near as possible for a change.

    And all those who didnt think we had to sell to buy....
    Smacks of underinvestment to me ;wink
  • Welcome to the nut farm Jordan...
  • BBB its easier said than done we tried buying top players from top league they did n't want to join us and pedigree does n't means success look at Zaza. While I agree we could do with spending a bit more to get the right players we are not a club who can pay over the odds for players. We have to compete with 12-14 other clubs who have similar TV money plus the money flowing around in other league China Turkey etc .
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    PLF - it would be helpful if we knew what 'the odds' are to establish if we are paying over them.
    We moved from the Boleyn to our shiny new stadium to move on as a club (apparently). If, as you say, all we are doing is using the TV money to stand still, then why did we move ?
    Sulley is on record as saying the move was only worth an extra 11-12m in revenue per annum, which has probably been swallowed up in running costs - certainly not spent on players.
    If we were still at the Boleyn and had a window like we have just had, I would be a lot less bothered I can tell you. I would probably be able to have a little chuckle about it.
  • Im hoping Moyes had a big say on who we did and did n't sign and maybe he would rather spend it in the summer . Its like Icheancho loads of people were moaning when we did n't fork out 25 Mill on him but he has been pony for Leicester coming from a big club does n't mean you will be a success at a mid table club. It would n't be West Ham if we did n't sign at least one unknown player in a window ;lol
  • I think he might be a bit of a dark horse where maybe premier league suits him more, bloke in our pub played with Ashton at Crewe and said he didn’t recognise the same player he was at Norwich or West Ham

  • Below from a Preston S.T.H

    Yeah he’s a workhorse, you’ll always get 100% from him.

    Workrate 10
    Heading 8
    Passing 7
    Finishing 7 (for the championship)

    I think he’ll struggle is PL level, probably has the strength but he’s not got the speed or technique for that level. That being said it’s only a couple of years since he was non-league and he’s improved an awful lot, so maybe more improvement to come. I still can’t see him being a prolific goal scorer though.
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    I guess it depends on how one defines 'prolific'.

    If he can get 8-10 a season he is in the ;ccole bracket, which wouldn't be too shabby, assuming he isn't our main, first choice striker.
  • Can everyone stop knocking Preston please, I'm beginning to get a complex. Thank you.
  • Let us not forget that in Chico we do have a proven Premier League goal poacher/scorer and I am very hopeful that having strong lad up top alongside him, supported by Mario, we just may have the basis of a formation that will get the best out of him.

    Gawd knows we have struggled to do so up til now

  • chicago


    The Palace game was the first time, possibly at all, that I thought we were getting the right kind of support/service to Chico.
  • Interesting to see how Hugill does; I dont actually mind the transfer per se, just the wider issues surrounding it but he will bring a better attitude than sakho, more hunger than Chicharito, more reliability than Carroll and more directness than Ayew so he could come in and surprise alot of people but its important we try and give him some decent service or a decent platform to excel, not just running around like a headless chicken because we're too afraid of pushing up or keeping the ball.
  • He will give us a plan B again, with AC out for ever.
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    Think we have looked a lot better at trying to keep (and move) the ball under Moyes, so it shouldn't be a problem.

    I also like the way Moyes keeps repeating that he wants to see us a lot better in terms of attacking. He's clearly got a vision/standards he expects our players (or at least our team) to reach.
  • Wonder how long before we break him ;whistle
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