Diafra Sakho to Rennes (official)


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  • Sakho gone according to Ex on twitterz
  • Quite happy to see the back of him

    But one has to imagine this deal is only being done because the club are (semi)confident of getting someone in or it does't really make any sense
  • The reported details on the Sakho deal don't seem to be raising much money for any incoming transfer?
  • But hopefully freeing up some wages
  • So Ex saying it’s done and also suggesting that he wasn’t really injured.

    I hope none of the other players are doing the same.
  • Sakho has wanted out for 2 seasons now. Think he twigged that constantly making himself unavailable was the best way to force our hand.

    Good striker, but massively unprofessional, imo.

    If we'd said no again, I doubt we'd have seen much of him on the pitch between now and the end of the season.
  • He saw it worked for Payet so must have seemed the best way out for him.
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  • Well that's that one finally put to bed.

    Move on Carroll in the summer and we might be getting somewhere.
  • A goal every 2.95 games
  • Glad Sakho has gone he has hardly featured last 18 months he was either injured or his head was n't right . People with poor attitudes poison the atmosphere in the dressing room great player when he could be bothered but that has n't been for awhile
  • So this could get interesting, there is a fairly well known fan out there, goes home and away (ST) who claims to have a text/message conversation with Sakho where he agrees to do an interview with WestHamFanTv (the guy that does that is also called Nicky as well), he’s actually posted the convo on Twitter, and says it’s 100% real, that he wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t as he takes his Neice to games and if he was found to be making this stuff up then the abuse could be unreal, in front of his young neice.

    So let’s see if Sakho tells the other side of the story? The club claim Sakho made out he was injured the last few weeks, he’s denying it. I bet he’s got some stories to tell from the last few years.

    *puts popcorn on*
  • Re: Sakho and his interview.

    Are we expected to take his word for it, any time what he says seems to be contradicting what the club say/have said?

  • From what I've seen on twitter, there are some who are ready to believe that Sakho is absolutely 100% telling the truth and the club are lying.

    I found it interesting that the interview was confirmed through a snapchat screenshot (what I saw was, at least). There is no way of verifying who that actually is. For those of you who don't use snapchat, you can very easily change someones 'nickname' to display uniquely on your own phone. For example, if Grey was to send me a message in snapchat I could easily change it to be called, I don't know, something like "Diafra Sakho"
  • Well he wasn’t always a bad egg
  • The first season he was ok but then he had the accident in the car and then personal problems. He hasn't been the same since.
  • Cuz

    No, but he did seem to go a bit nuts, didn't he?
  • Yes grey he did sets me thinking there must be another reason behind it all and maybe not all his fault
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    I personally think there is more to it than simply him throwing a strop and going on strike. He was an extremely effective striker for a side like ours. Now we have a striker like little pea who is entirely reliant on everyone around him. Sakho though was one who would run the channels intelligently, get himself in good positions and actually make things happen. How we could have done with his like even tomorrow. As it is he his gone and likely not even replaced this window
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    Scored on his debut tonight vs PSG. ;lol
  • Of course he did.

    He is a very good striker, and maybe now he's somewhere he wants to be he'll excel.

    Disappointing that didn't work out with us because I really do rate him ability wise, but it's fair to say that between the ears the cheese had well and truly slid off the cracker.
  • Got over his injury quickly
  • Miracle workers
  • Proper training facilities ;whistle
  • Wonder how much was spent on there’s then
  • Cuz1 said:

    Got over his injury quickly

    No worries, he'll pick up another soon enough... ;whistle
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    'cheese had slid off the cracker' ;lol
  • "cheese had well and truly slid off the cracker" ;lol ;bowdown ;clap

    Please don't copyright that I wanna use it...I'm gonna anyway, see if I don't ;whistle
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