Other FA Cup 4th round ties (as seen through claret+blue tinted glasses)

Kevin Nolan's Notts County at home to Swansea. ;nolan

Darren Randolph and Ashley Fletcher turn out for 'Boro (Stewart Downing on the bench), and welcome Sam Baldock's Brighton.

Stephen Henderson is Nottingham Forest's back-up GK, as they take on Hull, at Hull.

And some other games.


  • Nouble just hit the moon with an empty goal from 15 yards against Spurs.
  • Newport lead against Spurs.
  • Kane equalises in the 82nd minute
  • Newport going to Wemberlee ;biggrin
  • 3 goals in first 10 minutes at Anfield.
  • VAR used twice. WBA not liking VAR.
  • VAR again...

    The TV have replayed the scene 10 times....how can they not have made a decision

    This is a joke
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    Only Liverpool could parade a £75m defender only to promptly then concede three in one half at home ;lol
  • MIAHammer said:

    VAR used twice. WBA not liking VAR.

    Liking it a bit more now ;ok
  • The quality of the comms in respect of VAR is rather poor. ;doh
  • What confuses me is the time it takes

    TV replays are almost instantaneous

    Why wouldn't VAR be of the same quality (if not quicker) than TV broadcasting
  • Champo

    Perhpas it could be a bit quicker, but in each case it has allowed the correct decision to be made, so I'm all for that.

    Think once it is fully introduced it will help the game, as defenders (at least in the penalty area) will know they are much more likely to get caught out if they try any sneaky foully tricks.
  • I think because the VAR looks at it quite a few times and from different angles.

    Also, when we are watching a match and they show the replay of an incident, the back-room team have spent a minute (say) finding the relevant bit of film, etc but we don't really register the time it takes to do that because other stuff is going on, on the telly. But with a consultation with the VAR, everything stops while they do it, so it is very noticeable how long it takes. Is my view.
  • Apparently it has created real drama and theatre in the game and has resulted in three correct decisions.

    What is there not to like?? ;hmm
  • WBA finding some form then
  • Grey,

    100% agree and I'm firmly behind the concept of VAR

    But it confuses me why it can take up to 2 minutes to do what a TV replay can do within a couple of seconds
  • But when they kept replaying the Firmino goal they almost missed the first WBA equaliser because play had restarted.
  • https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/onesport/cps/624/cpsprodpb/1355D/production/_99779197_var_dannybaker_twitter.jpg

    What a moronic thing to say. Does he think the crowd should have a say in important decisions like penalties or red cards?
  • Bats as got two for Chelsea
  • Ethan Ampadu aka Sideshow Bob
  • So an FAcup game where I want the team with all the millions to spank the underdog...

    Don’t like Cardiff...
  • Lawro not covering himself in glory in his role as a co-commentator at the mo.

    Quelle surprise.
  • What a rubbish ref.... ;doh
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    VAR, VAR (to the tune of USA USA)

    Not that it would have helped in that situation...

    or maybe it would. I'm not sure how they'll apply the review criteria to a potential red card.
  • Just seen who’s left in the hat for the cup. It really sickens me that we couldn’t get passed Wigan
  • We would have had City at home. Glad now we went out.
  • As a season ticket holder but more importantly a West Ham fan I’d have loved to see that game
  • You say that now but the way Wigan put us to the sword what do you think city would do. We've had too many thrashings in the last couple of years and the Dort of damage they would inflict would dent confidence no end.
  • I'm with sweepy, I support West Ham.
    How many times have you predicted a thrashing this season thorn? A fair few from recollection but funnily enough they didn't materialise except maybe Liverpool.
  • Herb I support West Ham but it's clear that we were not targeting the cup this year and would have fielded a team not dissimilar to that on Saturday. City are playing a virtually full strength side and I could be wrong but I would be very surprised if it wasn't embarrassing.
    They are targeting the quadruple this year and not have a better chance of getting it as they are clearly the best team in Europe at the moment.
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