Other non important games for this weekend, 20/21 January

Brighton doing well ;biggrin


  • Watford playing without a sub GK? ;hmm
  • Brighton's goal difference taking a bit of a bruising.

    Good, good.
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    Brighton's goal difference taking a bit of a bruising.

    Good, good.

    Palace being sympathetic (with the emphasis on 'pathetic')
  • If we can turn the 1 point to 3 we can go 9th given how it stands!!!
  • Man U are really poor today
  • brighton and Huddersfield are falling like rocks

    Will be interesting to see if they can turn it around...but enough teams in the past have been exposed in the 2nd half of the season and its hard for teams like those to buck the trend

    But as it stands we are 11th at the end of this weekend unless newcastle can beat city which is unlikely
  • And, there are now 5 teams below us on points won with a worse goal difference.
  • I see the “butcher of Payet” has suffered a suspected broken leg today...
  • Pinched from the Beeb.
    Man City front six this season: 47 goals, 38 assists. Newcastle United front six this season: 8 goals, 4 assists. Oh dear.

    If that were us instead of City, cue a resounding win for Newcastle.
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    I see the “butcher of Payet” has suffered a suspected broken leg today...

    Not 'suspected' - confirmed, as a double compound fracture.

    It happened in a clash with Rondon. Rondon was distraught.
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    Karma for McCarthy for trying to snap Payet in 2. Don't feel any sympathy for him at all
  • Southampton beating Spurs.

    As filthy as it makes me feel, I would rather Spurs won this one.
  • Not any more
  • Southampton under pressure right now. As much as I don't want them to win I don't want Tottenham to win either.
  • There is a section of football fans and society at large which is just getting harder and harder to understand or relate to.

  • What a nail biting finish to this game.
  • 4 points between 10th and 18th.
    A couple of bad results and any team can be back in the drop zone.
  • Not sure where to put this but I’m watching MNF on sky and Slav is on. I love watching him talk ;carew
  • so spurs cant beat the saints and now Liverpool looseing at Swansea .those two teams really don't want to help us out do they ;biggrin
  • How weird is football. Last week they ripped the runaway league leaders to pieces and this week they can't breach the team at the bottom.
  • Thorn,

    Pretty much sums up Liverpool over the last 3 years

    There record against the best is fantastic, but they lose silly points to poor teams
  • And if it stays the same, it brings Swansea closer to us.

    We really can't afford to mess about with our transfers this window. We need strengthening because it is going to be so close at the bottom.
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    Alfie Mawson man of the match for Swansea looks compact and seems to have plenty of time when he wins the ball and positioning looks good too
  • That was hilarious. ;wahoo
  • Always enjoy Klopp having a hissy fit. ;lol
  • Credit where credit is due - Robbie Earle is one of the standard studio guests over here on NBC and over the weekend he totally called that..

  • Never known a season like it, 6 points between 10th and 20th and probably not too much of an exaggeration to say each team in that bottom ten has about as much chance as each other of going down, no one is rubbish and all capable of pulling out a result.
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    My best mate years ago and still is from when you served in the Royal Navy always called him disco dancing Robbie Earle played for his team Port Vale, but good commentator though
  • @cbs, take a look at the Bundesliga. The gap between 1st and 2nd is as big as the gap between 2nd and 17th! Incredible!
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